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Following the research on the ethics of money in relation to art, I then proceeded to look at the notion of authorship. What allows an artist to forbid others replicating, sampling, their work? 422 more words


In the beginning...

Hello! Having puzzled over an appropriate way to begin this blog, which seemingly will take up a considerable portion of my time over the coming months, I think I ought to keep it simple and introduce myself before anything else.  164 more words

Art World

The start of art

Open your eyes. What do you see? The usual, a coffee mug, a bedside lamp, your duvet scrunched on the floor. You get up, go to work or school, follow your daily routine. 501 more words

Something Completely Different...

Composition 256 developed over a number of years of developing sounds to be applied to a work whose theme centered on geo-engineering or weather-modification.


Harry Widman

The Portland painter Harry Widman died last night after a long fight against Alzheimer’s.  He was surrounded by his family and friends, and at home. 64 more words

Today I am loving ...

Lisa Congdon’s book “Art Inc”. Some very useful information (and practical too) for artists on how to establish themselves, how to put together a portfolio. How you should and shouldn’t approach galleries, Art Directors, Publicists etc. 30 more words


Employ Charity; it's good for the soul.

The Creative Soul.

One cannot deny the fact that imagery is a vital part of life and it often alters our paths. How many times do we change plans when we awake to clouds or sunshine? 952 more words