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Comedy of Errors

For my second post I aim to be shorter I know my first was a bit long. The article I discovered this week is about  the discovery of found art that was stolen from England in the 1970s and was recently found in Italy. 429 more words

Art History

And that’s why am doing this now. (What is original & what is quality? Part 1)

What is original & what is quality? Part 1

all art and words (c) pete kennedy (except the hands of Leger pic which is not my copyright) 2,946 more words

Artist's Books

Test Post

This is just test post …………………….

Art World

Breaking Bread

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were looking for a place to live. But every time Mr. Mallard saw what looked like a nice place, Mrs. Mallard said it was no good. 235 more words


“This is the first thing I remember.

In the corner of a lean-to whitewashed attic stood a fine, plain, solid oak bureau. By climbing up on to this bureau I could see from the window the glories of the sunset. 229 more words

It's begining to stink

I thought I’d put up this little picture. It’s all getting a bit messy.  I knew I should have kept out of the art world. I’ll just keep doing what I do best.