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Law & Order: Season 1, Episode 10 - “Prisoner of Love” (1990)

“There is no art without money,” proclaims the director of the so-called Pavilion for Popular Art in this 1990 episode of Law & Order. The show’s storyline, however, seems aimed at fueling the argument… 745 more words


7's: week nine

               the Chicago Tree Project
         transforms sculpture out of trees

I stumbled upon one of the trees while at the Chicago Latin Jazz Festival in Humboldt Park… 176 more words

Hiroshi Sugimoto : Today the world died, or maybe yesterday. I don't know

Today I will not talk about Brussels, but about an amazing exhibition I saw in Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Palais de Tokyo is, as some of you probably know, one of the leading cultural centres for contemporary art in Paris. 453 more words


"전쟁 중에도 사람들은 꿈을 꾸고 사랑에 빠지고 열망을 품는다"

“전쟁 중에도 사람들은 꿈을 꾸고 사랑에 빠지고 열망을 품는다. 사람이기 때문이다.”

이라크의 유명한 부호 가문 찰라비가의 후손 타마라 찰라비가 한 말입니다. 우리에게도 전쟁이 있었죠. 1950년 한반도에서 일어난 6·25전쟁은 수많은 인명이 희생되고 물적 손실을 일으킨 아물지 않은 우리의 역사입니다.

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Hot Summer Reads and Rory Flynn Interview

Auntie M has a huge stack of crime fiction waiting to be read and she likes to take the middle of the summer, when guest blogs build up, to remind you of those books that are in print that you will enjoy. 2,115 more words

'아트뉴스' 선정 세계 200대 파워컬렉터

‘아트뉴스’가 선정, 발표한 미술시장 ‘세계 200대 파워 컬렉터‘ 중 약 90%가 북미와 유럽에 거주한다고. 특히 105명은 미국에 거주하고, 이들 중 절반에 달하는 46명은 뉴욕에 기반을 두고 있다고 합니다.

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ART VS REALITY: Art galleries. What's the point?

“Money has always dominated art, but what’s new is the idea that it doesn’t have to. So it’s up to us to prove it.”

Art vs Reality, episode 1 gives us a simple break down of why art galleries exist. 266 more words