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Stop Planning and Create Something

In life we always feel like we need to have a plan, we need to “plan” what we are going to do with our day, “plan” for our future, “plan” in order to make great art. 471 more words


How I got anally violated by the thorny cock of Permuted Press, Part 1

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“Those whom the gods would destroy, first they make proud.”
— Ecclesiasticles the Tempurpedic, c. 500 BCE

“If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” 2,903 more words

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All I can say is even Grumpy Cat has a book.

Tell them stories panel Discussion

Panel discussion about the fine arts, illustration and comic book art.

From left to right: John Jacobsmeyer, Gus Storms, Dorian Vallejo (moderator), Tony DiMauro… 126 more words

Dorian Vallejo

Barry Pelzner, Katherine Ace, Anna Fidler

The lost is found…in this case photos.  Saturday, after listening to George speak at Augen Gallery, we went next door to the Froelick Gallery to see Barry Pelzner’s knockout pieces…ball point pen on a good piece of paper:  dense, visceral, wonderful…simple and complex together. 121 more words

George Johanson at Augen Gallery

You have until November 1st to visit the Augen Gallery in the DeSoto Building (716 NW Davis in Portland) to see the pure delight that a painter can take in the act of painting, and powerfully transmit that same delight to the viewer.  295 more words

Art Work

11 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before October 13

Performance: “Shakespeare’s Sonnets” with the Berliner Ensemble, by Robert Wilson and Rufus Wainwright
This sure sounds fun! Robert Wilson teams up with Rufus Wainwright to do 25 selections of Shakespeare’s sonnets—in their own style, of course. 897 more words

Art School Confidential (2006)

“In order to be a great artist, you simply have to be a great artist,” so says Strathmore Institute alumnus, Marvin Bushmiller (Adam Scott). “There’s nothing to learn, so you’re all wasting your time.” One is likely to agree with him after watching… 742 more words