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You Need to Know: Artist Brianna McCarthy

Aindigo jab.
Digital sketchbook thing gif play in play-gress.

There isn’t anything I could say to do her artwork justice, so check it out for yourself ;-).

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Expo Tattoo

La Expo Tattoo del 4 y 5 de Octubre 2014 en el VTP la encontré interesante. Para mi fue entre gore y caluroso ver desde la actuación de la… 163 more words


Tocata Onda Vaga

El 10 de Octubre fui a la tocata de Onda Vaga en Ele bar que me invitó mi pololo. El lugar no lo conocía y no lo pillé muy glamouroso, pero el grupo que lo había escuchado poquísimo (ni recordaba como sonaba) fue todo un descubrimiento. 72 more words


The Subversive Trickster: Kara Walker on Creating a Pretty Curse

In anticipation of the Broad Museum’s opening in 2015, the museum is hosting a lecture series called the Un-Private Collection.  The sessions are designed to introduce the public to the Broad’s collection and the corresponding artists behind the works. 449 more words



I would like to say a few words about my research and how things are developing so far.

I would start by saying thank you for everyone that supported this research and a big thank you for http://www.christiansanonymous.info/ for re- blogging my research, on their website. 69 more words


October Feast: IMPUNDULU


The Impundulu is a bird from the mythology of Pondo, Xhosa and Zulu from Africa. The name translates as ‘Lightning Bird’. It is as large as a human and is coloured black and white.

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