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Rami Al Ali: from Syria to Paris

Syrian fashion designer Rami Al Ali may appear a strange person to talk to about commercial creativity, but he offers a unique regional insight into the process of creation. 1,208 more words


Break the Internet ?

Which of these pictures is more attractive ?

Which of these women is more beautiful ?


Banjo Ancestors and Its Origin

Though many people think that the banjo is the all-American instrument, born and developed in the good ol’ U. S. of A., they’re only telling you a partial truth and a very small part of the whole story.

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Gumbo Origin and Words of African Origin

Gumbo: Derived from various Bantu dialects (Southern & Central Africa) terms for okra (i.e. quingumbo, grugombo, gumbo, gombo, ngombo gomboaud, ngumbo, ochinggombo).

Gumbo is often cited as an example of the melting-pot nature of Louisiana cooking, but trying to sort out the origins and evolution of the dish is highly speculative.

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