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False Perceptions

I was talking, recently, with some colleagues about anticipated changes in our department. We were getting a new director and were sharing some of our hopes for the new arrangement. 437 more words


Is this the right work?

From the start of our discussion on Big Ideas I have promised to address two items that question whether the way we use big ideas in our art curriculum is the right way.  630 more words


Why Teach with Big Ideas?

So what have we covered so far?

There’s this great concept called a big idea, but the words “big idea” can be interpreted in different ways. 653 more words


Learning to Talk

A baby grows up in a house with a dog. Quite early the child learns the word “dog” and can reliably use the word to refer to them when she sees, not only her own, but other neighborhood dogs as well. 163 more words


Exquisite Corpse

I always love watching the student’s excitement with it comes to the unveiling of the “Exquiste Corpse” project. In my first drawing class in college, we did this as a warm up activity. 197 more words


Big Ideas for Instruction

Now that we’re clear on what I mean when I say “Big Idea” (See Big Idea 1 and Big Idea 2) let’s discuss how they are used for instruction. 816 more words


So, What Is a Big Idea?

This is part 2 of the Big Idea series. The first question I told you we would explore in this series is: What kinds of concepts are used for course themes? 974 more words