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Wildsmith: 1st Grade

The artist: Brian Wildsmith. He create great illustrations for ABC books (and others) using a mixed media technique. Students focused on one of three animals and used crayon resist, watercolors, paint, stamping, and chalk to complete their Wildsmith inspired work. 13 more words

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Artist Teacher Exhibition

Congratulations to the 46 artist-teachers whose work was included in this year’s Artist Teacher Exhibition, and thank you to all who made last nights reception a great success! 316 more words

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Art Teacher Leaders

The world of education needs more art teachers who are instructional leaders. I had two brief opportunities recently to stand on this soap box, most exciting of which when a good sized group of art teacher colleagues chose to come to an evening leadership training session. 461 more words

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A Local Art Curriculum

At my state art ed conference I was reminded that many art teachers around the state do not have a local art curriculum. With recently revised… 475 more words

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Time for PD and planning

Yesterday we had a county-wide staff development day (and student holiday), a day dedicated to providing time for teachers to gain valuable training within the contract day and without interfering with instruction. 453 more words

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The Value of Exhibition

Ah, the blank walls of a gallery… as exciting, intimidating, and wrought with potential as a blank canvas or an empty page. 357 more words

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