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Aims of Life in 21st Century

Artha (material possession), Kama (physical intimacy), Dharma (moral values) Moksha (enlightenment) have been the only four aims which have been guiding an individual since ages. It is said that every individual passes through these in his phase of life and it is actually true. 417 more words

Aims Of Life

svArtha: sva artha: One's own meaning, purpose and wealth

In modern Indian languages svArtha has come to mean selfishness with a negative connotation.

However, it now strikes me that sva artha is what meaning a person represents. 19 more words

Ancient Indians

Vimsottari Dasa and Human Life Span

In around the last 30 years a group of scientists discovered that human beings could live to a maximum of one hundred and twenty years of age and that body cells could not reproduce beyond that.   49 more words

Jyotish Writings By Veno

Protect yourself with a purpose.

If you have not yet renounced society, then the one thing that can protect you from the world commandeering your mind, body and other resources is a purpose. 42 more words

Ancient Indians