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Have to hand it to Mother Nature

She really does have an answer for everything.

I can honestly say if I’d had the courage to listen to my grandparents sooner I would of used nettles years ago. 61 more words


No one likes a cankle

Nearly 8 months after my ankle fusion surgery I still have significant swelling, leaving me with gross, scarred cankles where my nice normal ankle used to be.   16 more words

Ankle Fusion

Inchcock's Depressive Poorly Rhyming Outpourings

When I was told Mother greeted my arrival with “Throw it in the Trent”,

That 3lb bundle of blood covered flesh had started life in torment, 492 more words


Home Remedy for Arthritis

I take Turmeric and Ginger everyday in a smoothie shot that I make. I find the days I don’t have my smoothie shot, my thumbs begin to burn… On those days I take a capsule of Turmeric and I feel the relief within a hour. 207 more words

For The Body

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice:- Known to be good for Arthritis- reduce swelling of joints.
– Asthma.
– Helps cleanse the colon and absorb more nutrients.
– Helps you lose weight. 62 more words

Body-Mind Relation to a Joint Disorder – Ayurveda Perspective

According to Ayurveda there are 3 main types of a manifested disease namely:

  • Nija Roga: Primarily Physical Disorders / Diseases: When a disease is caused due to aggravated Doshas, Physical disorders…
  • 467 more words

Aquatic therapy

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Aquatic therapy is a special kind of physical therapy that can be used to treat many conditions from injuries to arthritis and back pain. 61 more words

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