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Most Interesting Science Fiction Characters 5

1 Balthazar’s Angel: Is she in Balthazar’s head? Is she part of his programming or a symptom of psychological disorder. Is she real? Why can’t anyone else see her? 599 more words

Science Fiction

“I Hadn’t Cried in Twenty Years”

Walking through the science museum

in Kensington, you stop once more in

front of the stack of wrought iron and

intricately machined cogs and gears of… 181 more words


2001 Gets New Trailer For UK Re-Release

In advance of its re-release in UK theaters November 28th, the British Film Institute and Warner Brothers have commissioned a new trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s… 258 more words


Book Review - "Eon" by Greg Bear

Rating: 3/5

This book represents many interesting ideas; not least of which , how (as readers) do we react to a “future vision” that is wrong? 326 more words

Book Review

Jedna věta, kterou už nikdy neříkej!

Nikdy. Vím, že ji slyšíš často kolem sebe. Slouží jako opora pro naše výmluvy. Něco zkoušíme. Jednou. Dvakrát. Pokud máš výdrž, tak i třikrát. Ale pak už je to moc, nastoupí frustrace a vypustíme z úst slova, která zabíjí sny. 530 more words


Book Review - "City & The Stars" by Arthur C. Clarke

Rating: 4/5

Clarke does it again. In “The City & The Stars”, he paints a vivid picture of humanity in the far future that has reached for the heavens before inevitably falling back to Earth and stagnating. 309 more words

Book Review

Book: The Lost Worlds of 2001 (1972)

As a nerd this book really scores big because Arthur C. Clarke, Stanley Kubrick, space, movies, space movies etc and so on and it’s got a spaceship on the front which is pretty cool.   158 more words