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Rama II by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee

This was a book that surprised me. I had read the reviews and listened to the opinions of others, and avoided this sharecropped sequel like many other sf fans of quality and discernment. 138 more words

The garden of Rama & Rama revealed by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee

My original review of The Garden of Rama was four words long – “Get On With It.” I was trying to express my frustration at a novel that was the middle volume of a trilogy, in which nothing happens but at very great length. 126 more words

Arthur C. Clarke, Le fontane del Paradiso

Un gigante della fantascienza’ è definito Arthur C. Clarke, il profeta dell’Odissea 2001, nell’autorevole e severo Who’s Who in Science Fiction di Brian Ash.” Così scrivevano, nel 1979, gli allora vati della sf in Italia, Carlo Fruttero e Franco Lucentini, presentando la prima edizione di questo celebre romanzo. 130 more words

Diegoliano Zietti

2061: Odyssey Three, by Arthur C. Clarke

Tsung agrees to take me to Halley and back, give me food, water, air, and a room with a view.
And in return?
When I get back I’ll do my best to promote future voyages, make some video appearances, write a few articles-all very reasonable, for the chance of a lifetime.  598 more words

Arthur C. Clarke

Religious Pluralism

Just because we at Snipes could be termed “conservative,” that does not mean that we don’t understand and highly value the right for people to not be coerced into beliefs they find abhorrent or silly. 776 more words


Strange Tales #102: Tricking a trickster

The trickster is an old trope from myths and narratives dating back to, well, as a long as human beings have been telling stories. While The Wizard isn’t as whimsical and interesting as some tricksters, he still fits the mold fairly well, albeit as more of a charlatan than a true ‘trickster’. 314 more words


'The Star' by Arthur C. Clarke

The Star by Arthur C. Clarke, 1967

The magic trick:

Turning a science-fiction story into a comment about religion and philosophy

Well, I tried. This is the fifth – and mercifully final – day of Science Fiction Week here at the blog, and I can say these stories have done little to win my heart. 143 more words