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Arthur Miller, 'The Crucible'

Set in a Puritan stronghold of seventeenth century America, Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible exposes the faculties of human hypocrisy and fear in the course of the Salem Witch Trials. 426 more words

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South Pasadena Teens Planned to 'Kill as Many People as Possible,' Police Chief Says of Alleged Plot

Two teens who allegedly plotted a “massacre” at South Pasadena High School exchanged detailed plans via social media and, once in custody, “coldheartedly” confirmed their intentions in police interviews, the city’s police chief said Tuesday. 589 more words

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In Your Own Backyard

by cheri sabraw

Most of us  have read Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, the prototypical tale of a traveler’s search for meaning, who  discovers what he had been looking for in his own backyard. 411 more words


The Weekender: Three Must Reads from The New Yorker

If you are like me, you may have let your New Yorker subscription lag. In my case, I started to feel like the backlog of unread issues that would pile up during the teaching semester were taunting me, like a backlog of work that I would never get to until I finally would admit defeat and dump them in the recycle bin. 310 more words

The Weekender

Arthur Miller – The Price - Gate Theatre

Irish theatre is in rude health. Summer is coming to an end and there will be theatre festivals on continuously over the coming months to entertain and distract us on shorter evenings.  1,169 more words


It's A Suggestion, Not A Review: Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn't Mean You Have To

Dave Sikula continues his discussion of Directors Gone Wild…

So, you may recall that I was reminded of this whole thing by a question from the “Farnsworth” audience about whether we could have just written a prologue or an epilogue contextualizing Sorkin’s play. 1,077 more words

Dave Sikula

10 Terrifying Playwrights Of The 20th Century

Theatre can hit you hard and fast if you’re in the right mood. It is more immediate than film and television, it asks you to sympathize with the characters, no matter how cruel they can be, and it is never exactly the same each time you go. 1,647 more words