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Honors 11 and English 10: Happy Holidays!

I had a blast and a half with you guys today, and I hope you have an amazing two weeks off. See you on teh 5th! 34 more words

Honors 11

Isn't That Remarkable?

One of my favorite moments in all of literature is the scene in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman where Biff Loman finally breaks down and breaks through a lifetime of lies and delusions and makes his father, Willy Loman, understand that he loves him.  753 more words

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English 10: Crucible Diary Project

We were in the LMC for one final day to work on our Crucible Diary Projects due by midnight on 1/5/15. The hard copy version will be due that Tuesday 1/6/15. 15 more words

English 10

Arthur Miller Commemorative Stamp

We wanted to share with you today a letter from The Dramatists Guild of America regarding a commemorative stamp for the extraordinary Arthur Miller.  With his genius work, we feel that a centennial stamp is a great way to honor his contribution to great American theatre. 387 more words


English 10: Act IV Quiz and Diary Project Work Time

We were in the LMC today as well. We first took the Act IV quiz. After, you got to work on your Crucible Diary projects and if you’re sixth hour, your mock trial preparation. 7 more words

English 10

all the world's a stage...

Truth be told, I haven’t been the most busy reader (and here we are talking reading for pleasure, not for my PhD) as of late but, nonetheless, I have managed to sneak in a few books that have been staring at me from my overcrowed bookshelf, desperate to be picked up and read. 1,099 more words

A Week In Paris

English 10: The Crucible Diary Project

Today, you first got together a packet of Crucible work which included the character action/motivation chart, all questions for acts I-IV, VIQs analytical work (odd or even), and the VIQ group analysis reflective/thematic/grammar work. 60 more words

English 10