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Arthur and the Dragon

This story is found in King Arthur’s Sword: A Collection of Arthurian Tales

Now amongst his other skills Arthur was a great slayer of Dragons and other monsters. 1,509 more words


One September night

Lakeside, during

The period of

The Harvest Moon

She wed the Zephyr, was

Carried off upon

The Great Storm

Following in its wake… 244 more words

Edward Sheeran Striketh in War o' Words!


Lute-wizard Edward Sheeran hath not taken kindly to Noël Gallagher’s poisonous tidings AT all.

The ‘Wonderwall’ composer declareth himself aghast at Sheeran’s upcoming performances at thy Avalon of music – Ye Wembley Stadium of Leisure and Musings – bellowing: 154 more words

Malory's Merlin: Shadows of the Druids in Arthur's Christian Court

(I am just beginning to read Malory now but want to write as I read, and not only when I have read it all. This is therefore not fully developed and is really just speculative and setting things up for my further wonderings and research.) 1,407 more words

6th January 1610. A Popular Prince.

In 2011 a jouster engaged in a re-enactment for a Time-Team Programme, was killed when a splinter entered his eye.(1)

Stylized martial combat is not a modern phenomenon as we note Today… 432 more words


My Kingdom For a Quest - Cover Reveal!

Today I’m joining in the cover reveal for the third book in Kendra E. Ardnek’s Bookania Quests series: My Kingdom For a Quest!

But first, Kendra joins us to answer some questions about the books and writing… 584 more words


He Fell Into a Reverie (or, The Gift of DuLac)

Among a mess of Ivy grows
a lonesome, glum White Astrid Rose
Its lovely, languid petals numb
Its sharp thorns fierce embodied throes.

Seeking solace in sun aglow… 148 more words