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He Fell Into a Reverie (or, The Gift of DuLac)

Among a mess of Ivy grows
a lonesome, glum White Astrid Rose
Its lovely, languid petals numb
Its sharp thorns fierce embodied throes.

Seeking solace in sun aglow… 148 more words


Book Report: The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf by Gerald Morris

If you read YA and like Arthurian legend, even a little bit, The Squire’s Tales series is for you.

It’s a collection of (sometimes loose) retellings of stories from Mallory’s… 58 more words


No, Really. Why Dazzled Leaves?

Ok, fine. I’m a poetry nerd. I LOVE poetry. I even like Victorian poetry (seriously, no one in their right poetical mind loves Victorian poetry – it’s all rhyme-y and as cadenced as a second grader’s attempt at poetry.) But seriously, sometimes you just have to go all poetry nerd and read something that kind of tells a story and takes you out of yourself and makes you feel a bit better about things. 308 more words



“Atgofion (Memories)” 

Wizard, warlock

Myrddin, Merlin

So many words and names for me,

one man…

So many tales of us together, Arthur,

yet I wonder how many… 249 more words


Creation of Map of Avalon

I love Arthurian Legend and when I decided to make the Pendragon coat-of-arms*, I knew I wanted to make a map of Avalon ( 947 more words


Kadeir Teyrnon - The Chair of the Sovereign

THE declaration of a clear song,
Of unbounded Awen,
About a warrior of two authors,
Of the race of the steel Ala.
With his staff and his wisdom, 374 more words


Breaking of the Storm

The storm had settled and as it drifted off towards the horizon, the fog crawled it’s way back from whence it came. In that moment, that blissful sigh of relief before getting back to the work of running our ship, that we saw it. 403 more words