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Here's to Monday Week 39, 2014

Unfortunately with school starting, Im getting bombarded with studying so it takes longer for me to write a post.

However, I have been reading a 7+ … 47 more words


I Believe Command Cards Should Affect Your Army List! - Part 2

The general cards are the 20 cards which every deck of the four first factions (PHR, Shaltari, Scourge and UCM) have.

Activation tampering
Central HQ Directive (1) 1,760 more words

Dropzone Commander

I Believe Command Cards Should Affect Your Army List! - part 1

Sometimes I will venture neck-deep into excel, trying to crunch some probability numbers when I am thinking about games. This article is the result of one of those times; I started to think about what is the probability to draw a certain type of card in Dropzone Commander with a certain command value (CV) commander. 942 more words

Dropzone Commander

Getting into the French Studies Program

Another really popular question that people ask me is “Were you in French Immersion?” For my readers outside of Ontario, I’ll go into greater detail about how French education is structured in Ontario. 628 more words

In English

Why French Studies?

One of the most common questions that I’m asked when talking about my program is Why French Studies? Well, my friends, there are a number of different reasons why I chose the field I did. 1,262 more words

In English

Jens' after tournament report part 4 (last part)

This is it, Folks! The last part of Jens’ series. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. I thank him for this series and hope he doesn’t stop there. 780 more words

Swedish Tournaments