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The Ultimate Journey

I’ve experienced The Ultimate Journey.

I am not the same person I used to be. I learned how to identify and refute these lies:

  • I am not good enough (at my job, at being a husband, of a friend, etc)
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Amal Alamuddin brillant article "The Anatomy of an Unfair Trial"

Amal Alamuddin has written a brillant article for the Huffington Post “The Anatomy of an Unfair Trial”. She is currently the lawyer of Mohamed Fahmy, journalist at Al Jazeera English, arrested in Egypt. 12 more words

Amal Alamuddin

Snopp Dogg has interesting words for Mike Tomlin

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Famed rapper Snopp Dogg had some choice words for Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin about Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley. Mr.Dogg requested that Tomlin fire Haley and hire someone that actually knew to how to work that job. 33 more words


Reality Check

Bugs in dorms, spoilt children, feeling homesick, and a shitload of pressure is what seems to define a boarding school these days. Being an international student and living in America for the first time, I have had a countless number of people ask me whether I based my perception of America on the movie  192 more words


UK heart Doctor: Time to Bust the Myth about Saturated fat and Heart Disease

More and more people in the UK are questioning the pointless, outdated fear of fat unprocessed foods and butter. Dr Malhotra, a heart specialist at Croydon University Hospital writes in the latest issue of the respected British Medical Journal that it’s time to bust the myth that saturated fat has anything to do with heart disease. 143 more words


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Busting the saturated fat myth!

Work, consume, die

I apologise to anyone who actually reads this blog , as I haven’t graced you beautiful people with any content as frequently as usual. Well it’s not like anyone reads this blog. 647 more words