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Writing Tips - The Second Draft

Once you’ve completed the first draft of your work, the first and most important thing you should do is celebrate. You conceived an idea, researched it and committed to putting it on paper or screen. 886 more words

Impractical Parenting Almanac

Birthday Shoot

Tomorrow is my nephew Aiden’s 3rd birthday party. I am going to shoot some photos of him for his parents. I also want to see what other kinds of images I can capture and hope to post some things. 185 more words


Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe: Breaking the Internet

WTF with Kim Kardashion reportedly “breaking the internet” by showing her bum! My worked fine through the whole episode…and no, I haven’t seen it. Will google it now, and get back to you….*leaves WordPress and googles Kim Kardashion’s fat arse* 458 more words


Christmas Chaos Reunites World's Greatest

Former WWE Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas will reunite for Reality of Wrestling’s Christmas Chaos IX. How will “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” fare in ROW Nation? 9 more words


What color is your pee?


Urine can tell a lot about a person’s health. 151 more words


Importance Of The Lila

“By such childhood pastimes as this He is drowning the inhabitants of Gokula in pools of ecstasy, and is revealing to those devotees who are absorbed in knowledge of His supreme majesty and opulence that He is only conquered by devotees whose pure love is imbued with intimacy and is free from all conceptions of awe and reverence. 1,037 more words


Tata Hukum dan Kebijakan Negara

Tata Hukum dan Kebijakan Negara

Hukum tata negara ⇔ hukum yang mengatur tentang negara, yaitu antara lain dasar pendirian, struktur kelembagaan, pembentukan lembaga-lembaga negara, hubungan hukum (hak dan kewajiban) antar lembaga negara, wilayah dan warga negara. 206 more words