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Van Allen Probes discover invisible force shield around Earth Baffled At How It Formed!

Published on Nov 26, 2014

Scientists have discovered something truly remarkable in the Earth’s atmosphere. An invisible shield is located approximately 7,200 miles above Earth that scientists are likening to “force fields on Star Trek.” 90 more words


Breaking Point

Coming out as a transgender man has been one of the toughest periods of my life, if not the toughest. Not to friends, family, medical professionals or random strangers but to myself. 336 more words


NFL Week 13 Picks: Maybe Seattle's not finished

Happy Holidays everyone! This year I’m thankful for the following: Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler and all the other kid Cubs on their way, Joakim Noah’s pride, Jimmy Butler’s contract year, Mel Tucker not being in Chicago very soon, the Cavs early struggles, Anthony Davis, Theo Epstein a second time, Alshon Jeffrey on a rookie deal…..Continue Reading



We should all just stop playing the victim sometimes. We need to be mature, and not blame certain circumstances to other people because that doesn’t solve anything. 145 more words

Pete Plays 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' (Part 8)

Pete’s back with more Dragon Age, less puzzles, and way more desert!


Inside layouts.

I had a further look at the inside layouts of magazines, and I looked at other magazines other than Creative Review. I decided to go a little bit more divergent on this because magazine layouts are all pretty basic, however I wanted to make mine a little bit more creative than to just put columns on the page and a pretty picture on the side… 493 more words

HND1: Magazine - Subculture

My own written article.

I decided to write my own article for my layout, because I feel by writing one, it helps me to understand further about the subculture. The whole article may not be able to fit on the double page spread, but it would at least give you an idea of what would be written if I were to write a whole one (with more pages of course). 1,002 more words

HND1: Magazine - Subculture