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Mrs. Banks, according to USPS

I totally thought this was Devon’s cousin or someone being funny.

Apparently we left quite an impression on our furniture salesman when we moved this summer. 387 more words


10 ways to say goodbye to The Colbert Report

Has America ever loved a blowhard as much as Stephen Colbert? No, it has not — and that includes everyone here at Grist. For the last nine years, Colbert has shone a divine light of truthiness on our issues, making them sing and resonate. 228 more words


11 Resolutions Everyone Should Consider Making Next Year

We’ve all done it: Made resolutions to work out regularly, to stick to a budget, to eat better. Those are all great goals. And they can pay off if we stick to them. 1,036 more words


5 Questions to Ask Before You Say ‘I Do’

Planning a wedding is wonderful, beautiful, stressful, and sometimes just plain crazy. There are so many details to plan and then accomplish before the day rolls around! 1,075 more words


Ho Ho Ho. RTI is now on a break

As a kid, I remember getting Annuals every xmas – things like the Beano, Dandy, Oor Wullie and The Broons. Effectively super sized comics packed with a ton of content to get you through the festive period whilst Dad was on the whisky… 95 more words


Jersey Boys | Vote for the greatest ANZA kit

We’re getting to that time of the year when we start working on the ANZA Jersey design for the coming season. Earlier in the year, we promised that members input would be sought at some parts of the process… 76 more words


ANZA Jersey History

Seeing as we assembled all the pictures for the vote – why not string it out into a whole seperate post. Quiet news day obviously… 12 more words