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Meet Laurel the Lion

Growing up my mom had a big loom. In fact, she still has it. I have no idea what kind it is or how it works, I just know that it’s comparable in size to my upright piano and that it makes rugs if used correctly. 719 more words


Xenophobia signals crisis


Editorial for Penang Monthly, July 2014.

A CLEAR CONNECTION seems to exist between an economy’s health, on the one hand, and that society’s handling of religious and ethnic minorities, on the other. 547 more words


Dominion: Sins of the Fathers

Many shows start strong and peter out; Dominion has been picking up steam every episode, both in terms of advancing the plot and generating online buzz.

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Tour de Fleece 2014 Wrap-Up

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the Tour de Fleece. With the exception of the KALs I’ve run on my own, it’s definitely my favorite fiber arts event. 640 more words


Story Behind the Shot - Live Over Misool

This was one of my favourite recent photo shoots, shot on 31 Dec 2013 in the Misool area of Raja Ampat. I was lucky enough to accompany a large private yacht on two expeditions in Indonesia this past year through Komodo and Raja Ampat. 176 more words

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Peyton Reed and Edgar Wright exchanged 'some emails' about 'Ant-Man'

Michael Douglas is having a rough day. In an interview at EW‘s Comic-Con Hideout, the Ant-Man star confessed that he was experiencing gas and was “f–king melting.” No one said Comic-Con was easy. 1,074 more words


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Psychological treatments: A call for mental-health science

Psychological treatments: A call for mental-health science

Emily A. Holmes Michelle G. Craske& Ann M. Graybiel

But evidence-based psychological treatments need improvement. Although the majority of patients benefit, only about half experience a clinically meaningful reduction in symptoms or full remission, at least for the most common conditions.

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Mental Illness