Demolished Buildings on the Way Home

On my way home from my favourite café today, I thought I shouldn’t let my mind wander off and instead focus on the details of the surrounding as some sort of observation and attention to detail practice. 330 more words

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If You Can DREAM It  (Please watch the video before reading.)

This morning I was inspired by these children. When I was their age, I wanted to be so many things, but the one thing I pictured myself doing was writing. 181 more words


More a Diplomatic Than an Aesthetic Event

Kirsty Robertson with Sarah Smith, Stephanie Anderson, Elizabeth Diggon and Ahlia Moussa. “More a Diplomatic than an Aesthetic Event: Canada, Brazil and Cultural Exchange.” Journal of Canadian Studies… 239 more words

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Genius @ Work

Am I the only genius @ work?

The result of most Public Enquiries seems always to be that there are ‘lessons to be learned’.

Well hello! 280 more words

Personality @ Work

Conversations on a small stream with Gordon

Gordon: How much farther is the river?

Me: Not too far. It’s not really a river. It’s small, so we call it a stream or a brook. 233 more words

Steve Culton

Fishing with my mind

The calendar said soccer tournament for the weekend, but I packed my gear anyway. We were staying in North Kingstown, RI. Any number of prime striper waters would be just a short drive. 272 more words

Steve Culton

The Heart of the Ocean

The more I open up

to Love and Acceptance,

The more I rise above

the deluge of my suffering.

Lift me up to a higher place of being. 158 more words