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How to Get From Anxiety to Zen


How to Get From Anxiety to Zen

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” ~Bruce Lee… 794 more words


Top 5 annoying things on Twitter #ShutUp!

Since recently opening my very first Twitter account, I have become the Twitter addict. #Amazeballs!
I love Twitter right now and it’s great for growing businesses and networking in the online world. 697 more words


On a personal note: Love

How can I be mad at him when he is staring at me straight in the face?

I console myself in thinking, that every time we fight and argue against each other, we are learning something new about each other, and will get on better the next time. 207 more words


10 things to do when you're so sad and have no idea what to do next

Sitting here on a Friday night, all alone, fresh from an argument with my boyfriend, with a big glass of something stiff, tears rolling down my cheeks and make up smudged along the bed sheets, I have already taken to eating chocolate, listening to music, drinking the contents of the alcohol cabinet and am planning on a big workout later on, just to get myself out of this damned funk. 445 more words


Annual Guild Open Day

The Annual Guild Open Day takes place Saturday 12 April in the RDS Dublin. This has always been a marvellous red letter day in our calendar, where we meet lots of enthusiastic spinners, weavers, and dyers. 82 more words

Nature Boy

ISO Years: 2000-2004

Geraldine reblogged this on My Poetic Path and commented:

***The story of how the song: Nature Boy, came to be a number 1 hit and the life of the man who wrote it, is one interesting tale. I was so glad I noted this on Freshly Pressed today. See my comment below too. ***

A CD That ALWAYS Makes Me.... :-)

You can read why I ♥ this CD by Louis Armstrong so much here.

It really is a wonderful CD, for so many reasons.

And I wasn’t even a Louis Armstrong fan before this! 11 more words

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