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For Caregivers And Those Who Grieve: How To Handle The Holidays

Missing Someone Over The ‘Happy Holidays’?

The commercials for the holidays started early (some of the stores already had their Christmas trees up in August), and now is the time that those of you who have suffered a loss are beginning to experience ‘Holiday blues’. 714 more words

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5 Ways To Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

Plan a post-meal walk

As soon as you arrive at your Thanksgiving celebration, announce that you plan to take a walk after the meal. Most likely, some of your family and friends will want to join you. 303 more words

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Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048

I find this disheartening.  In proportion, Kim Kardashian’s ass is not nearly as big as this issue…BUTT, it is getting vast quantities of attention.  I am glad to see that this article was on… 256 more words

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Russia Launches Financing in Chinese Yuan

One thing I have been following with interest is the currency war, as this has a HUGE impact on America and our economy. While the news tells us how strong our economy is and keeps us feeling secure (focusing on the stock market), China has been securing the rise of their currency with countries all over the world…now including Russia. 379 more words


America Is No Longer a Democracy

So, here it is…A Princeton study now shows that America is no longer a democracy, but rather, an oligarchy ruled by the richest with the most power. 89 more words


The Harmless Homophobic Tweet or the Selective Blindness of Rape Culture.

When violence is entrenched to the point of invisibility

The Harmless Homophobic Tweet or the Selective Blindness of Rape Culture

The Kissing Sailor, or “The Selective Blindness of Rape Culture” 169 more words

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Ten Solutions to Poverty - education and employment are but two.

1. Employment generation

Carefully and extensively planned employment programs funded by the government can spur growth in jobs. Industries requiring substantial labour forces can also be given significantly larger aid from the government. 722 more words

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