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Cutest Orphaned Giraffe Ever Gets Special ‘Skyscraper’ Stable

An orphaned Kenyan giraffe named Kili has a new home this week thanks to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, whose supporters helped to build a special stable for him to sleep in. 9 more words


Want to Save Trees? Save the Elephants

In a groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of Florida demonstrated a monumental link between the dramatic decline of elephant populations and the local extinction of dominant tree species. 26 more words


10 Chufang Tips – materiaal / kruiden

10 Chufang Tips – materiaal / kruiden

1. Hoe plastic gebruiksvoorwerpen te wassen
Plastic voedsel heeft een zweet met een doek gedrenkt in alkali, azijn of zeep scrub, zweet makkelijker schoon te maken. 393 more words


Follow Me on Instagram!

Jam-packed with fruitspo, my instagram is the place to go for food ideas.

Often low in fat, great for health, with amazing “treats”, and a fantastic source for motivation, these photos will keep you wanting more. 16 more words



1.  Epidermalysis Bullosa is:
a.  A geological event
b.  An elephant with a really short temper.
c.  A medical condition that affects skin, mucosa and general health. 248 more words


Time, Space and Social Interrelation

The identification with the old forms of the personality self is likened to a snake skin that drops away. We wake up one day to the realisation that the personification and the understanding we have of ourselves in relation to the outside world no longer “feels” like a true representation of who we are and how we identify ourselves. 685 more words