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In An Alternate Universe: Family Time - Bubblews

In An Alternate Universe: Family Time – Bubblews:

In this existence the kitchen is where people often gather together. It’s a matter of convenience really, as everyone has to eat.

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Special Meeting to Ratify M.O.U. for recall of Computer Instructional Specialists.

In an effort to facilitate the restoration of positions the Chapter has negotiated the following M.O.U. for the benefit of the Computer Instructional Specialists.
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Top 15 Things to Do with Older Relatives in Chicago

It’s Back to School Season so this article is a guide specifically for college students and twenty-somethings living in Chicago who never know what age-appropriate activities they can do when family is in town.   801 more words


Nothing Left

“They gave the beggars whatever they asked for and more, who gave their blessings here and there. Then they did puja to the devas and the forefathers for Rama’s good fortune.” (Janaki Mangala, 190) 965 more words

Hare Krishna

The Incoherence of Evolutionary Origins (2)

Part One

The Fusion of Confusion

Evolutionists, except the rather small coterie of Theistic ones, believe every complex and meticulously ordered thing got here through mechanisms which we neither see now nor can see in the evidence left in the past.   1,317 more words


Jean Jaurès, one hundred years after his assassination

Jean Jaurès

Leon Trotsky
Kievskaya Mysl
July 17, 1915

A year has passed since the death of the greatest man of the Third Republic. Events the like of which history has not previously known have welled up almost as if to wash away Jaurès’ blood with new blood and to divert attention away from him and to swallow up even his memory. 4,747 more words