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Know What You Write?

“Write about what you know.” It is a piece of advice much used, and abused, in the teaching of writing techniques to beginners. As an exercise pointer it might be fine, but when it comes to getting published it may turn out to be far too limiting. 336 more words


A Photo Safari: Survival of the Fittest Amid the Growing Vacancies in Downtown Salisbury, N.C.

RFP Staff/Reynaldo Sutcliffe

A Photo Safari: Survival of the Fittest Amid the Growing Vacancies in Downtown Salisbury, N.C. Here is a photographic sampling of the many restaurants and shops having closed their doors forever along Main Street and Innes in Salisbury’s ghostly downtown. 11 more words


Inauguration of TNSDC -ICTACT BFSI Training Program at Mohamed Sathak Polytechnic College

Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) has associated with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) to train & place 2000 unemployed youth of Tamil Nadu in BFSI sectors. 167 more words


Our kids should no more become fodder or “collateral damage” of the war

The following is a joint statement from Aware Girls and CRY, UNOY member organisation in Pakistan based in Peshawar:

16th December, 2014 is a black day for us. 297 more words



Επί 3 μήνες τα μέλη των δύο εταιρικών ομάδων, “ΗΧΩ: άτυπη εθελοντική ομάδα” , από τη πόλη μας και “” Grupo de Voluntarios Para La Contribucion Social “από τη Σεγκόβια της Ισπανίας συνεργάστηκαν στα πλαίσια του Ευρωπαϊκού προγράμματος ERASMUS + σε σχέδιο με τίτλο “Τεχνικές Συνοχής και Λειτουργίας Άτυπης Ομάδας” . 11 more words

Erasmus PLUS

Day Moods....

Okay so you know how some days you wake up just pissed or in horrible moods and every single thing pisses you off and jokes stop being funny in like two minutes and your just grumpy maybe because of a dream you had or your stars not aligned well, like in Dexters Laboratory when Dexter kept saying “What a fine day for science” but he kept having horrible experiences and DeeDee told him its cause the moon was blocking his powers from a planet or star or something then he moved it and finally had a good day….. 374 more words


Hollywood incredulous over Sony's 'unAmerican act of cowardice'

Hollywood has reacted with incredulity over the decision by Sony to cancel the release of its controversial film The Interview, criticising the studio for bowing to the demands of North Korean hackers. 60 more words