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Double life of Chinese beggars

Dressed in rags and tatters, seriously ill, he was lying on the ground, watching his “sister” kowtowing and reaching out for alms from sympathetic passersby; hours later, he became magically cured, got up and stretched his legs, then went to a restaurant for a big dinner. 322 more words


Going to Nashville Comic Con? Come See Legion Founder Jenna Busch On These Panels!

Hey Legion! Jenna Busch here! Any of you in the Nashville area? I’m going for the first time next weekend and I’d love to see you all! 130 more words

Legion Of Leia

"THINK on THESE THINGS" for September 17th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Everyone is a collector of something. And everyone’s collection looks peculiar to someone else. And yet, who knows why an item may have a certain appeal to one particular person. 421 more words

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Elder's Meditation of the Day - September 17

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – September 17

“The old people must start talking and the young people must start listening.”

–Thomas Banyacya, HOPI

We are at a critical time in transferring cultural knowledge, spiritual ways. 93 more words

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September 17 - Daily Feast

September 17 – Daily Feast

We all know the difference between right and wrong. Even without teaching there is an innate knowing that reminds us when we have overstepped our right or someone else’s. 124 more words

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The Daily Motivator for Sept. 17th - Sincerely Useful

Sincerely useful

Be sincerely useful, and create meaningful value. You’ll never run out of opportunities to make a difference.

The fulfillment you seek will not come from what you possess. 106 more words

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New Photo Released From 'THE FLASH'

Here is a new still of The CW’s upcoming series starring The Flash showcases the special effects being used to bring the DC Comics character to life on the small screen. 71 more words