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5 Reasons Why Chelsea Are Dominating, feat. Winger With Best Take Ons In PL

Amitai Winehouse (@awinehouse1)

Last night’s display against Schalke spoke for a Chelsea side at the top of their game.

The 5-0 victory, away from home, against Roberto Di Matteo’s new team, was the absolute epitome of everything Jose Mourinho has been building since he took charge of Chelsea again last summer. 407 more words


Liver Transplants in Pakistan - A New Chance at Life

Livers are one of the most important organs in the body. They handle glycogen storage, protein synthesis, hormone production, detoxification, and the decomposition of red blood cells. 369 more words

Damaged Liver

An Introduction To The Trail Sisters

by Trail Sisters

[Editors Note: Its a huge pleasure to introduce iRunFars newest column, Trail Sisters, authored by Gina Lucrezi and Ashley Arnold. Once a month, Gina, Ashley, and/or the two of them combined will bring you womens-specific… Read more


The precise circumstances under which a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., shot and killed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown is suspicious and racist. 698 more words


Why you should buy a tablet

Last year I decided that having a PC wasn’t enough: I needed to buy a tablet.

I made this decision because I was going to take my Masters Degree and I needed something to read articles while I wasn’t at home. 398 more words


Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

“Stand at the brink of the abyss of despair, and when you see that you cannot bear it anymore, draw back a little and have a cup of tea.”

Elder Sophrony of Essex