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In 2015, artificial intelligence will rule the (movie) world | EW.com

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Chappie Movie, in Malaysian cinemas 5 March 2015. http://t.co/U8IIDtpKJ0

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Fear artificial stupidity, not artificial intelligence - tech - 18 December 2014 - New Scientist

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Fear artificial stupidity, not artificial intelligence. Too many people lately creating unnecessary fear over AI ……https://t.co/MJIFZ9kwy5

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Artificial Intelligence, Linking People and Things on the Hong Kong Subway

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The Internet Of Things Artificial Intelligence, Linking People and Things… http://t.co/wu5FCL3DoB #bigdata #innovation

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a quote by Leonard Shlain

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“The intense effort to develop artificial intelligence has increased our understanding of neural networks because… http://t.co/RTCF6YATBo

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Your Holiday Helping of Home Cooked Food (and Sex Robots): Links You Need To See

Calories are not the first thing on my mind during the holidays—but maybe they should be. The “average” amount of calories the “average” person should eat daily is approximately 2000; younger people should eat more than older people, and men typically need more calories than women. 342 more words

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Dominant life in the cosmos is probably super intelligent robots


If and when we finally encounter aliens, they probably won’t look like little green men, or spiny insectoids. It’s likely they won’t be biological creatures at all, but rather, advanced robots that outstrip our intelligence in every conceivable way. 10 more words