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“Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff said 38 million gallons will be discarded because a 19-year-old was caught in the act on Wednesday.”


Let me get this straight… … 69 more words


Synthetic Blood - Ready In 2016

It is human nature that we strive for perfection, to understand and to create. We are now coming to an era of modern medical science where artificial heart or limbs are no longer science fiction. 190 more words

Meet ASIMO: Honda's Humanlike Robot

Some of you have probably already seen videos and know about ASIMO, but what most people don’t know is that since his first appearance ASIMO has received some SERIOUS upgrades. 95 more words


Nearly Natural 5260 Paradise Artificial Palm Tree 6Feet Green Criteria

Most people, when they think of artificial trees, think of a pine tree or Christmas tree. If there was one example to break the mold of this silk tree pattern, it would be the palm tree. 286 more words


Time Rules

Time is money? Not around my block. Time is more valuable in another way. I have noticed that time is important… to whack someone over the head with when the strict time rule of appointments made, is violated. 250 more words

Predators And Prey

IT: Artificial Intelligence and Subconscious Thinking

As I was walking though the massive local park in the rain with my dog I bumped into an interesting thought. If computers were able to have its own intelligence, that means that it would also have a subconscious right? 599 more words


Charlie Rubin - Strange Paradise

Brooklyn-based photographer and writer Charlie Rubin recently completed his first book Strange Paradise. The tome examines perception and the process by which people take in information. 94 more words