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Chronicles in Ordinary Time 49: Odd Things

This is a two-part post; the second half of which is too long for a blog. I have a link at the end of part one that will take you to the second half… 1,004 more words


Chronicles in Ordinary Time 46: Everything's Amazing And Nobody's Happy

My apologies for stealing the title. Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2014/02/25/282516865/everythings-amazing-and-nobodys-happy
Watch the video, also.

“The new view shows a more complete picture of Cassiopeia A, the remains of a star that blew up in a supernova event whose light reached Earth about 350 years ago, when it could have appeared to observers as a star that suddenly brightened. 443 more words


Chronicles in Ordinary Time 45: Seeing the World with New Eyes

February 26th is the anniversary of my “re-birth”; 41 years since I decided that to enter into a journey I did not particularly want, but could not explain in any other way. 223 more words