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@IMPALAmusic Takes Action at European Commission on YouTube Abuses Against @zoecello

Thanks to the efforts of music makers and the fans and journalists who love them–who clearly respect music more than YouTube does–the latest round of abuse on Zoë Keating from YouTube has resonated all the way to Brussels where indie label trade group IMPALA launched a new initiative against Google inspired by the reaction to YouTube’s treatment of Zoë.   703 more words

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IMPALA Takes Action on Behalf Of Zoë Keating

Zoë Keating vs YouTube: The End of an Artist's Right to Choose Where Their Music Appears on The Internet.

This is a call to action folks.

Many of you may already be aware of this blog post from  Zoë Keating detailing the new terms of the Google/YouTube “Music Key” service.   1,512 more words

Artist Rights

The Revolution Shall be Monetized: Zoë Keating Confirms YouTube Learned Nothing From Indie Labels

…there was lunch in the larger, first floor cafeteria where, in the corner, on a small stage there was a man, playing a guitar, who looked like an aging singer-songwriter Mae’s parents listened to.

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Artist Rights

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Artists who do not stand up to defend their rights, will lose their rights. Please support Zoë Keating by distributing the links to these reports and posts.

* MUST READ * YouTube's Heartbreaking Extortion Of Musicians Begins... | Zoë Keating Explains New Rules

Below is the opener, after that – it gets worse…

“My Google Youtube rep contacted me the other day. They were nice and took time to explain everything clearly to me, but the message was firm: I have to decide.

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Artist Rights Villians: Pandora's Christopher Harrison

It’s common for lawyers to try to defend their poor moral choices in clients by saying, “I was just the lawyer,” kind of like “I was just following orders.”  If you were talking about a criminal defense lawyer or someone who chose to defend a controversial bad guy because everyone is entitled to a defense, that would be one thing.   448 more words

Artist Rights

Google May Continue Driving Traffic To Pirate Sites After DMCA Notices by Using Its Google Alerts Product

Searchenginewatch reports that Google received 345 million takedown notices during 2014 for search results alone–i.e, not including YouTube, Blogger or other Google properties–and it also doesn’t count the links that Google repackages and sends out through Google Alerts. 954 more words

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Google's ploy to get around 345 million shakedown notices

A Guide to Music Performance Royalties, Part 1

Let’s start at the beginning.  Broadly speaking, each recording of a song contains two copyrights: the copyright in the “musical work” or what is commonly called the “song” and the copyright in the recording of the song, commonly called the “track” or the “master”. 584 more words

Artist Rights

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A nice primer for musicians and songwriters from Music Tech Policy.