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Two Sincere Questions for The Future Of Music Coalition #SFMUSICTECH

We notice that Future of Music Coalition has submitted testimony to congress asking that they “represent” artists in the Copyright Reform process begun by Congress. 105 more words

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Timely questions as the FOMC Policy Summit is one again upon us...

The Paradox of Pirate Logic : Music Versus Music Software - Full Post

by Chris Whitten
(Copyright in the Author, Posted with Permission)

The bottom line for many in the often heated piracy debate is this: “Give us a good product at a fair price, make it convenient and easy to obtain and we’ll buy it”. 1,744 more words

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By simply adding the word "Software" to the word "Music" the rationalizations around stealing labor from musicians falls apart very quickly.

Shootout At the Fantasy Factory Part 2: What Should Streams Mean for Royalty Escalations?

As we noted in a prior post, Billboard reported on what might be called the “chart value” of streams compared to downloads.  To the extent that streams are counted in both the Billboard charts and the UK’s Official Charts, streams are valued at 100 streams to one permanent download.   1,964 more words

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If 100 streams = 1 Song Download, why doesn't the money match?

The Return of Brand Sponsored Piracy: Google's Artist Shakedown Continues But This Time They Really, Really, Really Mean It

Trichordist readers will recall our many posts about how Google uses search to drive traffic to unlicensed sites where Google Adsense or Doubleclick serves the advertising that keeps the illegal site operating.   357 more words

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When Iggy Pop can’t live off his art, what chance do the rest have? | The Globe and Mail

But a new reality has tripped him up and it’s the same one shafting artists all across the world: Namely, that everyone wants to listen, and no one wants to pay.

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Announcement From c3 (The Content Creators Coalition)

“Google is in the process of systematically destroying our artistic future… if the creative community doesn’t intervene now, and by now, I mean, fucking now — we will be bound to a multigenerational clusterfuck that will take 40 to 50 years to unravel.” 
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Shootout at the Fantasy Factory: What's the Value of a Stream?

The erudite Harley Brown reported in Billboard about Spotify’s artist relations charm offensive in New York that:

 main complaints were manifold, but two were based on the meeting’s central tenets: that the per-stream rate is never going to go up (70 percent of revenue goes to royalties) and…

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Chris Castle at Music Tech Policy beats us to the punch on more Spotify shenanigans... if 100 streams = 1 song download, why don't the economics match?