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Why is $5 Dollar a Month Streaming Good For Artists? Because 1/2 the Record Company Executives Will Lose Their Jobs! Yeah!

Label executives and distributors like Sony RED have been out there trying to sell indies on $5 a month streaming!  Because at $5 a month many more people will subscribe to these streaming services! 229 more words

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How MERLIN's "PANDOLA" Deal Could Give Labels Access to Your Share of SoundExchange Royalties

Do you trust your label to properly apply recoupable expenses against your SoundExchange royalties? Even at the best labels mistakes are consistently made.

Currently all SoundExchange royalties are spit between the performer and the labels regardless of whether the performer is “recouped” with his record label.   259 more words

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Indie Labels Should Demand that MERLIN and Caldas Immediately Repudiate Pandora Filing or Step Down.

We’ve been hearing from Indie labels and musicians all day wanting to know what to do about this threat to our SoundExchange income.

I’ll give you more on this later this week but FIRST we need to back SoundExchange in this fight.   1,019 more words

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Did Merlin's Caldas Lie in Billboard Article About Lower Rates?

On Aug 6th this article  written by Glenn Peoples in Billboard Magazine  “Pandora Signs First Direct Label Deal With Merlin”



Caldas added the partnership will financially benefit Merlin’s artists and labels.

96 more words
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MERLIN "Pandola" Secret Deal Violates WIN Fair Trade Principles

What is the point of “secret” deals like MERLIN’s “Pandola” pay-to-play deal with Pandora Radio?   I mean the terms are not secret to the label that signs the deal right?   178 more words

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Charles Caldas of MERLIN: Independent Labels' Minus $15 Million Dollar Man

MERLIN is theoretically an organization that looks after the rights of independent labels and independent artists. Charles Caldas is the CEO.  Last month they made a high profile deal with Pandora.   296 more words

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Mr. Lowery's Speaking Tour: Interview with @davidclowery after Columbia Law School, George Mason University and CMJ Keynote

David Lowery just concluded a whistlestop tour of academic panels at George Mason University and the Columbia Law School, finishing with a keynote at the Continuing Legal Education program at CMJ.   1,946 more words

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