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Label Direct Deals With Digital Broadcasters Are Dire Threat To Artists' Sound Exchange Royalties

Unlike terrestrial radio,  since 1998 the satellite radio (now mostly SiriusXM), webcasters and other digital broadcasters pay performance royalties to performers and record labels.  “Performers” in this case are both featured artists, and session players (“non featured artists”).   1,090 more words

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Google's Guide to RICO

PRS For Music recently released a report entitled the “Six Business Models of Copyright Infringement.”  This report was co-sponsored by Google.  The company’s European Policy Blog had a suitably Googlely statement (if you know what I mean) announcing the release of the report.  1,058 more words

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@Billboard is Demonstrably Short on Pandora Payola: Just Read FCC Website

On last Thursday, Billboard wrote again about the  Pandora/Merlin direct deal.  For those of you who don’t know about the deal it basically says:   Merlin accepts lower royalty payments if Pandora plays Merlin songs more often.   1,404 more words

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Courtesy of the Pirate Party: Lessig tells "Hollywood" to "get over it" and accept unauthorized downloading--will Kagan distance herself?

News from the Goolag:

I’m sure that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is very smart, very well qualified and is going to get confirmed. 1,064 more words

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This is Larry Lessig and what he thinks of hard working creative professionals trying to make a living in the arts, "Get Over It"...

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The Dazzling New Masterwork from the Prophet of Silicon Valley

Jaron Lanier is the bestselling author of You Are Not a Gadget, the father of virtual reality, and one of the most influential thinkers of our time.

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Horrible: Caitlin Dewey, Washington Post Praises Site That Refused Request By Parents to Remove Pictures of Murdered Children.

I’m sorry to do this to you.  But with all the fawning press by technology journalists on the Pirate Bay, someone has to remind the world how horrible the Pirate Bay really was.   155 more words

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LA Times Editor Jon Healey's Ode to Bittorrent: Did he Coordinate Earlier Editorial with Bittorrent?

We’re just asking questions here.  Questions that should be answered. Were these two pieces coordinated with Bittorrent?

Today Jon Healey published this ode to P2P filesharing company Bittorrent. 1,144 more words

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