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Does Failure to Pay Pre-1972 Royalties Put Trillion Dollar Hole in Pandoras Bottom Line?

Pandora’s Harrison may soon be asking “Brother can you spare a trillion?”

Did Pandora’s legal eagle Chris Harrison create a  trillion dollar hole in Pandora’s balance sheet? 931 more words

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Pandora: money trumps morality, ran ads for anti-gay group.

Above Pandora CFO Mike Herring shows how down with the gays Pandora really is!  The link goes to a custom Pandora radio station for “Oakland Pride Radio.”   Wow that’s really going out on a limb there Pandora! 1,764 more words

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Individual Songwriters Come Out In Droves, Submit Large Number Of Comments To DOJ

Thank you readers.  You all rock!

When a government agency like The Copyright Office or The Department of Justice asks for comments,  they usually generate a few dozen. 100 more words

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@jannarden is Banned on Newcap Stations Through Patented QuickHitz Infringement Machine

As you know, Canadian artist Jann Aden spoke out against the vile “QuickHitz” radio format that cuts songs in half to sell more advertising.  Jann singled out the AMP radio station in Calgary, which is one of 100 or so stations owned by the Newcap Radio chain in Canada.   463 more words

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@jannarden gets the Lars Treatment from QuickHitz Broadcaster

I just wanted to thank Steve jones for removing me from the #ampradio stations nation wide. Thank god.—
jann arden (@jannarden) August 08, 2014

We’re trying to get confirmation of what actually happened, but it looks like Canadian artist Jann Arden was banned from a 100 station radio chain in Canada–because she spoke out against a radio format that literally cuts recordings in half.

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Astonishing bullying against an artist by apparently unregulated broadcasters.

Is the QuickHitz Format the Sweeney Todd of Radio? The Incomparable @JannArden Stands Up for Artist Rights

Jann Arden has made some of the best records of the last 20 years and is a Canadian treasure.  I first heard her when she was signed to A&M Records and have been a fan ever since.   631 more words

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The Royal Scam Part 1: How the rush for the equity trough trades artist royalties for stock

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Napoleon in Animal Farm by George Orwell

The U.S. Copyright Office has r… 2,002 more words

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