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Lars Was First And Lars Was Right

Charlie Rose featured guests Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Chuck D from Public Enemy in 2000 to discuss Napster, the internet and the future of the music industry. 323 more words

Artist Rights

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Isn't it funny how the same arguments used to justify free streaming are the same arguments that were used to justify piracy? In the end, Chuck D was very wrong, and Lars Ulrich was very right...

Guest Post: “Taylor Swift, Spotify and the Musical Food Chain Myth” by @DoriaRoberts #irespectmusic

[Ed. Note: Chris Castle says:  We are so lucky to have the opportunity to publish this illuminating post by Doria Roberts, an outstanding discussion that shines a light on the issues facing all professional artists. 1,988 more words

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Awesome interview with @DoriaRoberts

Sony/The Orchard Cuts Direct Deal With Sirius So They Can Get Hands On Performers SoundExchange Money.

Digital Music News is reporting that The Orchard (owned by Sony)  has cut a direct deal for digital performer royalties with Sirius/XM.

Read more here. 294 more words

Artist Rights

Country Music Association Study on Streaming a "Kick in the Teeth" to Swift, Borchetta and Aldean. And Why Billboard = Torrent Freak

As the civil war over free vs paid streaming rages within the record labels, we have to note the curiously timed “study” on streaming by the Country Music Association.   667 more words

Artist Rights

A Response to Steve Albini About The Internet and Musicians by UNSOUND Film Director

By Count Eldridge

My rebuttal to Steve Albini’s bullet point post. Steve Albini’s poorly reasoned piece was posted, so I feel obligated to try to correct some of the glaring misinformation. 1,477 more words

Artist Rights

Strike Three for Sirius vs The Turtles: Court Denies Appeal

Quoting from todays ruling:

“While the Court is largely unpersuaded and sometimes baffled by Sirius XM’s repetitive or off-point theories about how reasonable jurists might read an unwritten exclusion into § 980(a)(2), the Court will not analyze the potential grounds for difference of opinion because certification of this Order suffers from an even more basic deficiency. 41 more words

Artist Rights

Artists, Know Thy Enemy - Who's Ripping You Off and How...

Musicians have been getting the short end of the stick for a long time. There are no shortage of stories about the wrong doings of managers, booking agents, etc and of course record labels. 1,070 more words

Artist Rights

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With all the talk about Spotify and YouTube Music Key, let's remember the source of the real problem...