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Chris Harrison: Please Explain Why Pandora Has No Respect For Aretha Franklin?

Songwriter Enemy #1 is also Performer Enemy #1?

Hello Chris:

Now I’m not 100% positive that you were the person at Pandora that made the decision not to pay royalties on pre-1972 master recordings, but given your history of screwing songwriters (multiple lawsuits, ASCAP, BMI, DMX legal trickery etc etc) it seems like the requisite set of skills required to repeatedly screw songwriters is the same set of skills required to screw performers.   141 more words

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I Can Prove Songwriters Abused by Unscrupulous Webcasters. So Why Are Songwriters under DOJ Supervision?

We’ve heard a lot of misleading rhetoric by blowhard broadcasting/webcasting lobbyists on Capitol Hill.  Songwriters are somehow a threat to these multi-billion dollar corporations and so songwriters must be kept in the yoke of the DOJ consent decree. 523 more words

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The Revolution Will Be Webcast But Gil Scott Heron's Estate Will Not Be Paid for Use of Recording.

Pandora has stopped paying performers who recorded before 1972. A bizarre interpretation of copyright law by Pandora, Sirius and Clear Channel has led these companies to seemingly collude and simultaneously stop paying artists on all pre-1972 sound recordings.   104 more words

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Did Pandora's Chris Harrison Intentionally Mislead Congress and Investors When He Claimed Pandora Purchased Radio Station?

Pandora’s Publicity Stunt: Pandora bought  South Dakota terrestrial radio station minus the broadcast license.

Back in June of 2013 Pandoras Associate Chief Counsel Chris Harrison… 307 more words

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Pandora's Chris Harrison Songwriter Enemy Number #1?

Informal Trichordist  poll calls Chris Harrison Songwriter Enemy #1.  Here’s  some reasons why songwriters feel this way about Pandora’s litigator in chief.

We don’t know quite why, but Pandora seems to have put Tim Westergren on ice. 1,418 more words

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“Fifteen years of utter bollocks”: how a generation’s freeloading has starved creativity | New Statesman

Arguments for digital piracy are drivel – it’s high time we steered away from this cultural cliff, argues author Chris Ruen.

Piracy may feel like victimless “free culture” to the user, but they are in fact participating in a digital black market.

137 more words
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Early Results of Poll Indicate How Far Pandora Has Fallen In Eyes of Songwriters

It’s still early but it’s interesting to see how Pandora’s 18 month assault on artists has left them the clear favorite to win the “Shirts Off Our Backs” campaign. 93 more words

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