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Just made a Facebook page for my artwork!

Please check out my Facebook page in the link below that i will be uploading all my artwork to.


Facebook Page



Do you ever spend so much time with something that you get attached to it? That tends to happen to me every time I work on a piece. 131 more words


Everything Is Anything...

I had the chance to see Douglas Coupland’s exhibiton “Everything Is Anything Is Anywhere Is Everywhere” at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I was amazed by every little detail of this incredible exhibition. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be impossible, so many of the works truly spoke to me. I particularly like art that involves the public and transitions into something new, and I thought “Gumhead” was a fantastic way of doing so. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” also was a highlight, that I find the lyrics of the Joy Division song to be spectacular. Also, the city of identical lego homes simply left me speechless! Coupland has done an incredible job of documenting our culture in the 21st century and objectively defining what it means to be a Canadian. Overall, it was an excellent show and I was so grateful that I could see it before summer’s end. 

Please check out more about this exhibition here.

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Publisher's Weekly's Children's Bookshelf

Well, today, all I have is a suggestion that you subscribe to Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf email. The best way to stay updated on what’s going on in children’s book industry is by reading what Publisher’s Weekly has to say. 47 more words


Book Review: Diary by Chuck Palahniuk

I was kind of sad when I found out that Chuck Palahniuk was gay. I don’t know why. I don’t hate gay people. It’s just that…why the fuck are you gay? 364 more words