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Dream Again

It’s been a few weeks since our return to the Fort Worth area, in that time I have already traveled back to Knoxville for pre production work on the next United Pursuit record and will do so again in a few weeks for the actual recordings on Dec 12th & 13th.   1,060 more words


I'm Thankful For: My Passion

Your job doesn’t make you who you are, your passions do.

I grew up thinking I had no talent, watching my brother have all the attention from his. 130 more words



Many a time the music I end up really loving is recommended to me by someone else who really knows their music. It’s a passing of the gauntlet, letting someone else who will truly appreciate the artist in on an unconcealed yet hard to discover secret. 345 more words


Festival Hall Artists

Jelly Massee held a reception Friday night, November 21st to introduce her artists to the public. It was a Christmas Open House with beverages and snacks. 13 more words


Just For You

When someone asks me to make something for them, I like to have creative control to make whatever my vision is for the project. Then I get mad when they say “I don’t care, just do whatever you think will look good.” Ugh. 339 more words


Welcoming Frédéric Kappa to bGallery

Frederick Kappa

Born in 1969 in Brussels. A tumultuous adolescence, he left school at sixteen. He first worked as a cook then left for the Army in Germany. 148 more words