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Weiwei Jin on Next Wave and her new piece Sterna Paradisaea

I looked forward to composing Sterna Paradisaea, Returning very much. It felt like I was waiting for this piece for a very long time. I was expecting a conclusion of a very long journey and personal experience through the compositional process. 1,207 more words


The pesky media does it again!

You know when you talk to the media about a project that’s just been announced and barely commenced and you wonder if the one thing you want to be glanced over in the report, will be? 153 more words


Eugene Birman on Next Wave and his new piece 'The Winter Desert of My Silences'

The winter desert of my silences is not some new-agey title cooked up out of thin air, but a (translated) line out of a poem by Milanese poet Fabio Franzin, from his stunning collection ‘The Color of Words’. 329 more words


Giving Thanks: A Chorister's Guide to Gratitude

Peanut doesn’t think that he needs to be grateful for his kibble, he just expects it to be placed in front of him twice a day  Not so for Choral Musicians — we have much for which to be grateful.   354 more words


Barnaby Hollington on Next Wave and his new piece 'Velvet Revolution'

The Next Wave project has been a fantastic experience for me. The London Sinfonietta are, of course, an outstanding ensemble: it was an immense privilege for me to hear them play my work. 544 more words


Maya Verlaak on Next Wave and her new piece 'All Verlaak's Music is Alouette'

The Sound & Music/NMC Next Wave commission was for me particularly interesting because of meeting the 11 different voices from the 11 different conservatoires in the UK. 272 more words


Ryan Latimer on Next Wave and his new piece 'Moby Dick'

The Process

The Next Wave scheme, an initiative set up by Sound and Music and NMC to support composers at the start of their profession, has been an extremely exciting project to be a part of and has undoubtedly impacted positively upon the careers and practices of the 12 young composers involved. 652 more words