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Rediscovering My Creativity

I had been recently feeling like something was missing, and I honestly couldn’t figure out what it was. I’ve managed to (mostly) balance a work schedule with an exercise schedule… and it seemed for awhile that was my biggest hurdle in the pursuit to lead a balanced life. 280 more words


The 18th submission to my all-about-me art contest... what... did you think it was over already?

And this is the first one that was created by two people! That’s right. You heard me. This was done by my good friend, HastyWords, over at:   88 more words


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It doesn't really fit the 31 days of horror but I suppose it could be a matter of perspective. HastyKid and I did an ART project for ART with Pouring My Art Out. It isn't often my daughter and I collaborate on computer art together but I think I have a brilliant daughter on my hands. Please visit his post and leave my little girl some artistic love :)

Dance of Light

¡Ésto es lo que pasa cuando alguien me da algo parecido a un sable de luz por la noche!

This is what happens someone gives me something that looks like a lightsaber at night! 20 more words



In his nightmare
black rain fell and
clogged their first
kiss, now suffocating
she dies in his arms, now
their love is a floating
ghost, as she turns… 17 more words