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The 19th century was the one where art began to run downhill into a pretentious market

Into the abstract abyss.


There are very many familiar things here, and it is not hard to suggest modern-day equivalents to the hard-nosed dealer, the artist with more of an eye on capitalising his talent than developing his skill, the collector who buys and sells with such rapidity that he could really best be regarded as a species of dealer.

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Santa Fe Block Design Challenge, and a Giveaway

A  friend of mine was talking about my designs at dinner a couple of weeks ago and she challenged me to take one block design and use it in several quilt designs.   271 more words


Support Beam Excerpt

Hello. As promised, here’s an excerpt from the short story I entered in Glimmer Train’s New Writer’s Competition. Maybe you can find out where I went wrong! 1,785 more words



Insignia scrawled across each wall
There’s little and much to see and be seen
The ecstatic waves bring a morning overflow
and as the crash ensues the fall feels greater than the climb… 38 more words



I stepped out my front door and cold damp air swirled around me with a quickness that betrayed the quiet still of the street. It took my breath away how much I felt like I was standing somewhere else. 910 more words

You don't need help to blog about things

Hi new followers! I like that you’ve followed my blog. Thanks! I’ve noticed something about some of you, though.

On a consistent basis, one of the posts that makes everyone’s “most popular” list is the one about how to advertise their work. 322 more words