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Artistry: This Place Sure is Trippy for an 800-Year-Old Italian Castle

Thursday, October 30, 2014, by Jenny Xie

Photos via Designboom
On a mission to transform old architecture through digital art, French artist Miguel Chevalier recently turned a 13th-century Italian castle into a trippy pixel paradise. 9 more words

20 Posts In 20 Days: Either You Write or You "Write"

*For the next 20 days, I am challenging myself to write 20 posts on self-reflection, etc. Times are stressful and it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves and what/who we want to be and achieve. 635 more words

A Dose Of Honesty

Welcome Roshnee to Beyond The Willow Tree

It has been just over 2 weeks since my amazing team member Roshnee joined Beyond The Willow Tree, and chances are a bunch of you have met Rosh as she takes over some of the very important sides of Beyond The Willow Tree. 410 more words


Kevin Anglade Interview on "Smoove Day In The Neighborhood"

Last Thursday evening, our very own @velevek stopped by “Smoove Day In The Neighborhood” to speak upon everything pertaining to our literature publishing company called Flowered Concrete as well as all of his artistic endeavors. 19 more words

The Trinity of the Artist

Often after a drink or two I’ve wondered what defines an artist. I say after a few drinks because thinking about this  concept without a softened analytical approach is like an on-the-fly cliff-dive: stupid. 434 more words


Leaf Lace

This got tracked into the house on someone’s shoe and I nearly tossed it back outside. Until I took a closer look. And, well…one thing led to another, as it customarily does with me. 29 more words

How k.d. lang Pulls Back the Reins: Phrasing and Artistic License

As a trained professional philosopher (yes, it’s true), I am not a big fan of reasons for the existence of things to remain concealed. In fact, I admit that I have a bit of a problem in this regard and insist on investigations with a  low probability of “roping the calf”. 1,044 more words

K.d. Lang