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You don't need help to blog about things

Hi new followers! I like that you’ve followed my blog. Thanks! I’ve noticed something about some of you, though.

On a consistent basis, one of the posts that makes everyone’s “most popular” list is the one about how to advertise their work. 322 more words


Rest in Peace

In memory of all who have lost their lives this week due to violence.


How much time do I need in the morning to put on makeup?

This is a common question among those who don’t wear makeup and those who aspire to wear makeup. The time it takes to put on makeup is subject to ones skill level & the intensity of the preferred look. 514 more words

Wee Bird - Haiku

Carpe Diem #522 Shiki (4) “the cuckoo’s cry”

Today (July 23rd) The Netherlands have a national day of mourning for the casualties of the Malaysian Aitlines Shoot Down, so this new episode of CDHK will be severe in it’s choice of words and it will not be a long episode. 119 more words


An Open Letter to Aspiring Writers

Artists and musicians
Get all the glory.
Capture all
The attention and the fame
Of cultured hearts and captive minds.
The world devours their work… 298 more words


The Art of Loving: The Technique

As discussed in the last post, if love is an art, then the act of giving is the technique. As with any technique to any art form, there are a number of smaller elements to the technique. 1,124 more words


Film with Surf

It’s about time I wrote about Surf and the Film Workshop I’ve been attending the last few weeks. It’s been weirdly awesome.

“The Weird became flesh, and dwelt among us.” 499 more words