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Last night my friend kindly decided to give me some of her nail polishes. I chose 4, and almost all of them are pink. So, today I’m showing you 2 Artistry nail polishes. 56 more words


Self-Promotion, Integrity and the Arts (Guys, I'm Confused, Part 2.)

I much prefer to write in a tiny corner of the internet and wait for someone to notice than to actually market myself. You could call that “not selling out;” you could also call it laziness. 1,416 more words


Hello, Market East!

Downtown Indianapolis made the announcement on Wednesday April 16 that a seventh cultural district, Market East, will be added. I live in one of those seven districts and was pretty excited to hear the news. 457 more words

City Life

Student or Artist?

If there’s no artistry in the music, then there’s no point of playing the music.

There comes a time in a musician’s life where you must make the transition from student of music to artist. 397 more words


Artistry: This Rainbow, Toy-Lined Bedroom is an Adorable Nightmare

Monday, April 14, 2014, by Lily di Costanzo

Photo via My Modern Met
Thanks to tufts of fake fur, a small stuffed animal army, plastic jewelry, dollhouse furniture, and a whole lot of other aggressively adorable junk, Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda’;s bedroom installation in NYC…

WATCH: Father creates mesmerizing time-lapse of daughter's first 14 years of life

Dutch filmmaker and artist, Frans Hofmeester, filmed his daughter every single week since the time of her birth. When she turned 14-years-old, Hofmeester created and recently revealed this time lapse video of her. 21 more words


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A beautiful record of ones child's youth.