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Paintings of Five Subjects

Monkey, Puppy, Kitty, Pie, and Girls. Who doesn’t love all of those?

Aron Wiesnfeld

 Craig LaRotunda

 Stephen Mackey

 Jonathan Viner

 David Miretsky

Joanne Nam


NOT A DOODLE: Co-workers, Part 2

More images from the co-workers collection I posted about last time. Still geeking on the textures.


Modul-dance experience. By Jasmina Križaj

In May 2011, the Slovenian artist Jasmina Križaj wrote the following article for a modul-dance newsletter regarding her experience in the framework of the project. 574 more words


Etsy: Typography Prints

My biggest fear is doing type-art. The ones with the fancy prints, strategic placement of words and all that jazz. For one I have very horrible calligraphy skills and secondly I do not have patience for that sort of thing. 174 more words


Canadian Artists - Dark, Alternative, Electronic

This is originally presented as an excel by the promoter of 132 productions, DJ Dolston.

 Props to the excel compilers, Ryan (DJ Dolston) and company. 361 more words

Late Night Ponderings...

Elain Pamphilon

secret waterways, st ives

I decided to go to bed early, having felt not quite right since i ate a Cornish pasty at lunchtime. 292 more words


Kiwis By Beat

An artist known as Ryan Armand produces an array of web comic strips on a monthly basis. Since 2006 they’ve already completed many creative stories. They’re website is very plain and minimalistic but straight forward and simple to navigate. 147 more words