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Film is also Art!

So, a few weeks ago, the wonderful folks at TrakAx did a video about us.

They made it look so easy and simple that we hope to make many more over the next while- hope being the imperative word here. 62 more words


In the Irish Independent...

It’s not very often one wakes up to see ourselves mentioned in the newspapers- and not just any newspaper but the Irish Independent itself:

(Click on the image above to be taken to the main article!) 16 more words


Painting for your Office

How best to walk the tighrope for artwork in your own space?

Our director shares her thoughts.


Us on 'Hearts for Africa'

We were on radio in San Francisco- again!
Becoming quite the regular, eh? ;)

If you missed our show, get a copy here:


We are show #85… 13 more words



Earlier today, our co-founding Managing Director wrote about her lessons on DISRUPTing an established industry, ie, ours- the art world.

My co-founders and I felt the need to disrupt the art world for three reasons:

23 more words

Us on Tech AM Power Drive

Last week, we wrote about us being on San Francisco radio station Desi 1170.

Tpday, we have the link for you:


We come at 16:42 – tell us what you think!

Enjoy and stay arty x