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{art + play} Ao Haru Ride

Colored Pencil on Paper. 2014.


My friend wanted me to watch “Ao Haru Ride” and she did everything she could to convince me to watch it. 230 more words


{art + play} Ornate Flowers

Ink + Watercolor on watercolor paper. 2012/2014.

I made this a while back and didn’t intend for it to be in color, but then I took a good look at it and felt kinda bad that it wasn’t getting the treatment it should be getting. 56 more words


{art + play} Ivy Series: Violet Bloom

Watercolor + Ink on watercolorpaper. 2012/2014.


I found a series of drawing I never finished (once again!) and I decided to paint it. I was actually sitting on the fence when I was deciding whether I should paint it or just leave it as an inked drawing, but I decided to paint it because it looked so abandoned if I didn’t. 45 more words


{art + play} Fashion Illustration: Red Dress

Watercolor + Ink on watercolor paper. Revised 2014.


I designed this dress for my friend Mae, but I was never able to finish (or even show her) the illustrated version of it. 40 more words


{art + play} Lolita Series: Victorian Style Loli

Watercolor + Ink on watercolor paper. 2014.


I’ve always loved the harajuku lolita style, there are just so many different kinds and its like being a kid in a candy store when you see all of the lolitas gathered together in real life. 89 more words


{art + play} Fashion Illustration: "Phantasmal Illusions"

Watercolor + Ink on watercolor paper, 2014.


I was required to do 10 fashion illustrations, along with the specifications, for our last project in Illustration class. 193 more words


Thought of the Week

I thought of this the moment I woke up when I came upon the news of Eun Bi (22), a member from one of my favorite Korean girl groups, had just passed away from an early morning accident. 346 more words