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And the Saratoga Crowd is coming also…didn’t get the memo…come on down…Screamin’Peacock

Arts And Crafts

Secrets and Keys

I have never quite managed to give up my childhood dream of finding the key to the secret treasure trove.  As a child the ‘treasure’ would certainly have involved a pirate treasure chest, ancient maps, doubloons, pearl necklaces, a sword and a skeleton, that sort of thing. 95 more words


I Am Late...

It is definitely a Late Blog….After yesterday’s Birthday Whirl…and Today’s unexpected Doc Appointment…. I have finally got a chance to write….
Daddy’s Birthday was the awesomeness one of all Times ..he said…we were on the go all day and half the night….Two Doctor’s Appointments in Pollockville…One trip to Rehab for a big shoe…The Pig…and then finally our Birthday Sup…Steak…Fresh Tomatoes…Potato salad…String Beans..Yeast rolls…Dutch Apple Pie and Ice cream…and some mighty fine Dinner Guest..My sister Gail n my Friend Kelly…to celebrate 88…we hadn’t told Daddy we had planned to go to Church to hear him speak and when we walked in..you could have knocked him over with a Feather…it did his Heart good…after Church…Them Baptist put on Spread for Daddy…Bday….we Thank all who takes the Time for and with him… 268 more words

Arts And Crafts

The art of Andrew Reid Wildman at the Brief, Hull

I discovered the Brief on an afternoon of heavy, mithering rain. Indeed I do confess, I was quite cross. Tempers were tested, words said, and it was agreed between me and my similarly flustered spouse that a coffee break was in order. 111 more words

Andrew Reid Wildman

Animal hats!

One of my bestest pals got hitched in May and I decided to go off piste with their wedding presents and rather than get them something on their honeymoon list (they’re off to Mauritius… jealous!), I thought I’d make them a couple of woolly hats from… 41 more words


In other news, Red Bull is good.

   They asked me why I was up all night. All I could say was “hobbies.”

(Item 26)

Using My Hands (Crafts)

Kindness Creates | #GetMessyArtJournal 3

This is our third week with the get messy art journal challenge. My son just added the word “kind” to his vocabulary so our entries are all about kindness this week. 193 more words

Get Messy Art Journal Challenge