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The truth about music in the operating room - Salon.com

One of the most important developments in healthcare over the last ten years has been the integration of the arts into medicine and wellness. This is a perceptive article about music and doctors, with a focus on using music in the operating room. 55 more words

The Art of Healing | ucsf.edu

The integration of the arts into healing is one of the most important developments of the last fifty years. No place is doing this better than the University of California San Francisco, especially at the Medical Center. 67 more words

On South Grand, Artists Are Making The Best Of A Bad Situation | St. Louis Public Radio

One of the themes of the book and of this curated information blog is the role of art in helping communities to recover after trauma. It is no surprise to me that the artists of Ferguson have come out to express hope for the future. 80 more words

The self-guided personal response tour


Ray Williams’ (2010) article, ‘Honoring the Personal Response: A Strategy for Serving the Public Hunger for Connection’ made a case for art museums to assume profound relevance to individual lives. 987 more words

Therapeutic Museum

Leonardo’s Brain: What a Posthumous Brain Scan Six Centuries Later Reveals about the Source of Da Vinci’s Creativity | Brain Pickings

The importance of understanding and working from the connections between the arts and science is fundamental to the research and writing of my book and the curated information in this blog. 99 more words

Art is Moving: Inspiring Trash to Treasure: I live in the 'hood. I find great materials off the street

This is a great story of a woman who lives in Pittsburgh and is bring opportunities for creativity to the kids in her neighborhood. Her own work is absolutely wonderful. 37 more words

At home in the museum

Recently, I have been thinking about domesticity and ritual in the museum and their therapeutic value in this context.

When I think about the therapeutic potentials of the museum, I typically think about the beautiful artwork, the evocative objects and histories, and the magnificent spaces. 815 more words