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High Point Wednesday: More Hospitals Use the Healing Powers of Public Art - WSJ

One of the most important developments in the use of the arts in healing has been the integration of the arts into all aspects of contemporary medicine, especially in the hospital setting. 129 more words

Creative Monday: Poetic Twist: Bringing Dignity to Dementia Patients | Marc Middleton

I am a great admirer of the Bolder Media Company in Orlando and frequently share their images on this blog. This Huffpost piece by founder Marc Middleton is a wonderful contribution for a Creative Monday morning. 111 more words

Potpourri Sunday: Shakespeare as a Life Coach - WSJ

Shakespeare was the master of understanding connections, of bringing to bear all knowledge and experience in the creation of characters who speak to us as much today as they did to their original audiences–perhaps more. 130 more words

High Point Wednesday: Local gallery provides art therapy for veterans | News - Home

As regular readers of this blog know, I have a deep interest in how the arts can help in the healing process after individuals and communities have suffered trauma of various kinds. 79 more words

Tuesday August 12: Melting Ice Men - BBC Midlands Today

Birmingham, England is one of my favorite places. I spent two years there in the late 1960s studying and doing research at the Shakespeare Institute, part of the University of Birmingham. 71 more words

Potpourri Sunday: Using Art To Get Better | KERA News

When I was doing some internet research today, I came across this report from KERA in Dallas, Texas.

Anything from Dallas catches my attention because in very ancient history I was the founding executive dean for undergraduate studies and the first dean of arts and humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. 275 more words

FutureEd Saturday: Music and medicine converge at Harvard Medical School | Harvard Magazine

My Saturday posts on Create & Be Well will illustrate the theme of FutureEd: examples of integrating the arts and humanities into the education of future professionals. 141 more words