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Portraits of war veterans show true cost of war - CBS News

The National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago is a wonderful place, not as well known as it needs to be. I am featuring it in my book in progress “Shaping Our Lives, Transforming Our Communities: Creativity and the Arts in a Changing World.” 79 more words

Outsider art can refashion how we think about mental illness

This is a very thoughtful analysis of how outsider art can help us to rethink our attitudes about mental illness. I came across this essay today and wanted to share it with my readers. 89 more words

Healing Soldiers | National Geographic

I have not posted much recently because I am preparing to move back to Boston. However, this article from the February National Geographic is too important to ignore. 59 more words


I want to wish all the readers and subscribers to Create & Be Well a peaceful and joyful New Year, one filled with experiences of all the arts that make our lives and our communities filled with creativity and happiness. 81 more words

Art in Prison-A Parisian Event | Psychology Today

Among the important uses of the arts I am exploring is art in prisons, art used to help prisoners in their transformation and rehabilitation. This article from Psychology Today offers information and insight on important developments in Europe, individual work and partnerships that span Germany, France, and the UK. 60 more words

The truth about music in the operating room - Salon.com

One of the most important developments in healthcare over the last ten years has been the integration of the arts into medicine and wellness. This is a perceptive article about music and doctors, with a focus on using music in the operating room. 55 more words

The Art of Healing | ucsf.edu

The integration of the arts into healing is one of the most important developments of the last fifty years. No place is doing this better than the University of California San Francisco, especially at the Medical Center. 67 more words