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Using period materials - a philosophy

I’ve been painting with period replicated materials (or as close to it) for the last few years now, not all the time, but certainly for various bits of research or commission work or what not.  426 more words

Period Materials

All Things Scribal- A Call for Teachers!

Welcome back from Pennsic!!! Did ya learn something new and exciting in the scribal arts? Would you like to share it with others? Please consider teaching at the All Things Scribal event in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows located in the Central New York/Albany area. 52 more words

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The Dawn of SCA Architecture

This article was originally published in Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 106. It was written by Count Arturus.

In recent years, the standards for period camping have evolved to a higher plane. 324 more words

Arts And Sciences

Lay With Me

Written by Count Arturus. The chords are in parenthesis.

On a bitter (Am) cold night (F)
At (G7) the edge of the world (Am)
When (Am) the shouts from (F) the battle had died (Am) 168 more words

Arts And Sciences

At Pennsic XL

I tell a tale of a noble crew
Who carry a gold wheel on a field of blue
And to their absent Syr Arlof remain ever true. 407 more words

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Fighting and Training with Spear

 By Count Sir Arturus of Aranmore, known as Arlof (shown here with King Edward at Gulf Wars 2013. This is a combat archery defensible spear position.). 232 more words

Arts And Sciences

Necessity of Reading (Cid glic fri hailchi uara)

Cid glic fri hailchi uara,
Cid saer ac imirt be-la,
Cid binn a dord fri du’ana,
Do chuala as borb nat lega.

Though striking stones he’s cunning, 42 more words

Arts And Sciences