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Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Reviews "The Magic Flute"!

Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Reviews The Magic Flute!

Brianna McFarlane

This past month the New Ottawa Critics led another workshop in criticism for the youth theatre program at Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre, run by OttawaU alumni Ekaterina Vetrova. 190 more words


The Magic Flute: A Review in Images

The Magic Flute: A Review in Images

Savva, Age 9

Not long ago I saw an opera play called The Magic Flute, presented by Opera Lyra, at Arts Court Theatre  The play is about a world that split in two – a Moon Planet and a Sun Planet. 239 more words


An Opera for All Ages: "The Magic Flute" Review

An Opera for All Ages: The Magic Flute Review

Aliza, Age 15

An opera can sometimes be hard to understand since it’s usually sung in a foreign language and craning your neck to read subtitles doesn’t always make things any easier, so I was excited when I heard I would be able to see one without the language barrier. 508 more words


"The Magic Flute" Review

The Magic Flute Review

Anastasiya, Age 10

It was the first of November in the Ottawa Art Gallery and I was watching The Magic Flute… 184 more words


A Magical Flute Indeed!

The Magic Flute Review: A Magical Flute Indeed!

Misha Tsirlin, age 14

What is magic? Not the rabbit-in-the-hat magic, but true magic? Magic is a kind of energy, created or emitted by people or objects, and is used to create somethingwonderous. 501 more words


A Less Than Stellar Magic Flute

A Less Than Stellar Magic Flute

Anonymous*, Age 15

The space age adaptation of The Magic Flute by W.A. Mozart and presented by Opera Lyra at the Almonte Old Town Hall, is best appreciated as a fitting introduction to opera for young children. 288 more words


Eye Spy: Young Lady in White lights up @artscourt @tacticseries @evotheatre

A sold out opening night and rave reviews don’t stop the esteemed Counterpoint Players TACTICS’ Series from offering accessible theatre.

Today’s 2PM performance of “ 147 more words

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