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Funny Yet Genius Photos of Japanese High School Students

I first discovered these fantastic photos at another wonderful Japan-themed blog called Daily Onigiri.  The post featuring these photos is titled “15 funny pictures of Japanese high school students with too much imagination” 259 more words


Children Delight in Pets

The Canadian scientist, David Suzuki , believes that all children need to bond with animals and if they haven’t the chance to connect with real animals then they will turn their attention to stuffed or cartoon animals to try to fulfil that inborn desire. 171 more words

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Slow day

This hospital shift is so boring today. I regret going to bed at 4 this morning. I could fall asleep in this uncomfortable, sticking to my skin chairs. 91 more words

Glass & Porcelain Art: Imaginary Organisms by 2 Female Japanese Artists

I came across a blog post featuring 2 female Japanese artists at Spoon & Tamago.  The artists are Sago Michiko (佐合道子) and Matsumiya Shoko (松宮昌子). 189 more words


It's Vinted

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately I’ve been so wrapped up in this new site/app I found called Vinted! It’s so cool I love it so much. 186 more words

Teressa: The Sorceress by Albert Weand

As I was browsing through my blog reader, I came across this fantastic work of art by manga artist & illustrator Albert Weand.  Upon seeing it, I thought that I just HAVE to feature it on my blog.   311 more words

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Here are some of my recent works in pencil and charcoal. Some are complete (as far as I could do), some are incomplete and some are just left off because I felt difficult to continue. 210 more words

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