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Slowly but surely...

Hi everyone! Simon here. Vicki and I have just decided on the recruitment and audition policy for Summer Company. We will release it to everyone soon. 193 more words


Almost cut my hair......

I had a revelation the other day. I was thinking about two of the pots I had just purchased from the recent Crafted and Designed exhibition and I realized that neither Liz Lurie nor Simon Levin had signed/stamped their pots. 1,224 more words


The Power of Reflection

This week I was awed by a shared storytelling experience hosted by the Salvation Army in Chattanooga. In A Walk in My Shoes, the stories of local people, many of them homeless, are shared and retold by actors and storytellers. 314 more words

Un Chien Andalou of the Intellect

As I sink into another semester, deep enough now to sense the risk of drowning as I become aware of the depths to which I shouldn’t have gone, the students still floating on the surface, stopped there, dazzled or exhausted, my attempts to guide them down only acting as a riptide … and as we hear echoed again and again that going to college opens the doors to greater careers until we mistake what we’re hearing as a mantra that higher education is job training, I was reminded of a passage I glimpsed a few summers ago from the essay “Fantasia and Simulacra” by Herbert Blau in which Blau reflects on what an arts education could and should be: 397 more words

More Ways To Get Inspired

Fall has definitely arrived. My front doorstep is beginning to pile high with leaves, and my inbox is overflowing with emails from colleges and universities. The change in season seems to kick-start the collegiate lecture and workshop circuit, just when I’m looking for some artistic inspiration and am ready to spend more time indoors. 176 more words


The Barefoot College.

Yesterday, I visited an organization that completely counters everything the American education system stands for and teaches us to aspire toward. The Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan seeks to remedy issues from education to clean water access to women’s empowerment. 578 more words


Taking Flight

This is wonderful. There is a strong message for parents and gifted girls! I can’t wait for this book!

Random House Children’s books 8 more words

Gifted Children