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James Shigeta (1933-2014)

James Shigeta was an American film, and television actor. He was in the film Walk Like A Dragon (1960). He starred in a 1965… 55 more words


Bachelorette season 10 finale;josh murray chosen by Andi

Bachelorette season 10 ended in a dramatic manner on monday night after a 2 hour an emotional finale.
Andi chose 29 year old Josh murray a former pro basebal player from Atlanta. 58 more words

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Modelling in kenya & abroad

modelling as a career in kenya & abroad



Modelling is a  wide field.A person can major in specific field that interests him/her.The first area is doing tv commercials.There are models who choose to major in this field.It has huge rewards  but the biggest challenge is getting jobs consistently.The second area is runways.Most models go for this field because its thje most popular.Here models get to wear different attires desighned by different desighners who are showcasing their desighns.Models area required to catwalk on a runway in different attires while the audience is seated on both sides.The third area is in doing catalogues.Photos of models are taken and are used in making catalogues for different companies.The last areaa is lingerie modeling.Its always good to join an agency that puts your interests first.If not careful a model doing lingerie modelling may end up being exploited sexually.Another field of modelling that one would also  major in is specific body part modelling.It could be the legs,face the chest etc.Since modelling is not an area that can bring consistent amount of money unless you are an high profile model its always advisable to look for another part time job like a waiteror a bar attendant.If one really wants to make it in this indurstry he/she should consider moving to a city.Its also advisable to feed on nutritious food and avoid eating calories.Its also advisable to hit the gym once in a while and take lots of  water to help one maintain a  healthy body and well tonned skin.Most female models end up retiring at the age of 25 so its always advisable to invest wisely before one retires.Male models can model up to the age of forty and above.

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Vera sidika boobs

Boobs enlargement by vera sidika comes afew days after lightening her skin.
This indeed confirms the fact that her body is her business.
This controversial socialite has also been in the past accused of being a poor role model to youths by some parents.she blurantly replied, “am not your childs mother”.she went ahead to say that if any child took her as a role model the parents of that child failed to teach that child good morals!

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Max Amini is Authentically Absurd in Beverly Hills

Max Amini performed this past  Saturday, July 26th at The Wallis Theater in Beverly Hills, to raise funds for ALS Research. Many showed their support at the 3 sold out performances, and 670 am KIRN’s Aydin Hajir catches up with him before the show for a quick interview in Farsi. 43 more words

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Steven Bauer (1956-Present)

Steven Bauer is a Cuban-American actor. He is best known as Manny Ribera in the film Scarface (1983). He was married to Melanie Griffith (1982-1987) 31 more words