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What Would You Risk?

Entrepreneurship is a game of risk assumption and management. So, come to know your score. Rutgers has posted a great quiz to help.

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On Blogging

Wrote every blogger ever, “It’s been a while since I posted something here.” I have always avoided starting a blog post that way because it’s basically a social media dead-end. 248 more words

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What Problems Do You Perceive?

Many innovative ideas come to entrepreneurs as a result problems they have identified or perceive. What problems do you perceive within your own community? What issues do you care about? 282 more words

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Trigger Warning: Capitalism

Before Creative Infrastructure‘s hiatus (i.e. before I went on a vacation road trip through the Pacific Northwest), there was a lot of social media discussion about “trigger warnings.”  Trigger warnings are notices placed on syllabi – sometimes at the request of students and sometimes at the request of administrators – about course content that might trigger an unwanted and disruptive emotional reaction in students.   262 more words

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The Marble Game

A number of years ago, a young man by the name of Kyle MacDonald began trading up in value from a single red paperclip. Through fourteen well thought out trades, he went from a paperclip to a house. 216 more words

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Perceiving Gaps in the Cultural Market

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This game offers opportunity for arts entrepreneurship students to gain new insight into perceived gaps (perceived opportunity) in the cultural markets of their communities. 218 more words

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