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Stephen Coles’ “B+ (new work and investigations)” Gives Itself a Generous Grade

by Liz Allen
Friday + Saturday editor

The whole of the wooden tripods holding clamped arced pieces of purple insulation loom over 6 feet tall from the Lewis Art Gallery in the third floor of the AC. 486 more words

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Momma Millsaps!

by Momma Millsaps (Anna Morgan Leonards)

Q: How do I ask a boy to formal?

Hey Y’all! It’s time for the first round of questions to Momma Millsaps! 934 more words

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Mock Trial

by Anna Gary
social media manager

Law really rubs me the wrong way. I watched court TV religiously in my teenage years, and, frankly, it seemed to me like a freak show of pseudo-objectivity: bat your eyes at the judge, cry if you can, and you’re golden. 818 more words

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An Interview with the 64th Stylus Editor

by Alex Melnick
arts & life editor 

Charles Bukowski once said, “If you’re going to try, go all the way.” He was talking about the labor necessary for meaningful writing and creating, but I would argue the same goes for reading as well.   653 more words

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A Glimpse into the DeLaMare Makerspace

Reporter Nate Eng takes us on a virtual tour of the DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. DeLaMare is nationally recognized as one of the… 9 more words


Beats On Repeat: Pickwick’s Can’t Talk Medicine

by Francis Nayan

If you look at them, you would probably think they play the standard-hipster-acoustic-kitschy-Mumford and Sons-like guitar songs that have currently taken over the “indie mainstream.” They are six white guys who look like they stepped out of an episode of  295 more words

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“Last Week Tonight” is a Massive Success

2014 was a very good year for John Oliver.

The British comedian-turned television show host recently concluded his first season with a skit that best captured the spirit of his new show: flinging salmon at various celebrities and other media personalities. 805 more words

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