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Celebrityist. 19 Avr 2014.

Additionally, as a major donor to to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, he angled for a position on their board during the management shakeup in 2013. 240 more words


Fashion Photography

No the area of Fashion Photography is not my favourite area to photograph. But it was interesting to learn about the different people, the places, and the companies that head Fashion. 42 more words

Blue Peter!

…here in pen if not in umbra.

Tea and a pea. A pea and a pee.

Tee tea and a Tee-tee.

A tepee. A PT109. Pete Bog. 16 more words


Fantasy Art - (Fake) Tattoo - Percival and the Lady of the Lake

Another Fantasy Artwork on Momo’s arm! :)

This time I devoted the tattoos to Arthurian mythology, on a very personal interpretation of it.

I represented Sir Percival giving back Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake… 91 more words


Basic Design 2

Not that I have a lot to say about Basic Design, it was really an extension of what we took last semester, so it was still a lot of refreshing basics and things I already knew. 20 more words

Another "Easter" ballad

Where O where is my own darling son?

I sang this song at the Castle pub in Bradford last night, Good Friday, followed by Who was the carpenter who made the Cross… 186 more words