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Melancholy - A Dissertation

Melancholy. Some people make it through their entire lives without being touched too severely by its inky fingers, dipping into the stillest of waters and turning the whole ocean black and convincing the sailors it has always been that color. 80 more words

Robin Jeffrey

When Two Become ONE

Here is a completely unedited photograph of plovers I took yesterday. It shows what happens…….

Title :  When Two Become ONE

Copyright Burgess 2014 (c) All rights reserved.

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Small Press Adventures: "Vision Quest", page 9

current story: “Vision Quest”

A Turtallan wanders into the desert seeking a peaceful vision before the end of his life, but instead finds himself at the center of an interdimensional conflict. 55 more words


Cryptic Casket

I can’t wait till we get a double casket.

You mean we can sleep together?

Sure, we go to bed at sunrise and get up just after sunset. 108 more words


Updated Synopsis for MEDEA

I think the draft of my previous post was deleted. It was to share that the venue and concept for MEDEA had undergone a massive shift due to a change in venue. 192 more words