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Blog Eight Week 12: Instrastructural Globalism, assemblage, distribution, culture and data

Infrastructural Globalism as described by Edwards is the ‘social-technical systems that produce knowledge about the world’ (2010, p.xii). Networks consisting of all walks of life, machines, technology, cultures and ideas connect our world. 707 more words


Week 12: BitTorrents and Brownies

For this tutorial I have been asked to present a form of publishing (in 2090 speak, ‘making information public’) in a show-and-tell format. I don’t really have any particular response to this week’s readings, as I find the idea that data exists in a stateless territory somewhat contentious, as I think there’s a little more to state sovereignty than rules within boundaries. 1,134 more words

Week 12 - Data Friction and Infrastructural Globalism

‘Since both observing systems and data models evolve, global data also changes. We have not one data image of the global climate, but many. The past, or rather what we know about the past, changes’ (Edwards, 2010)

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DISTRIBUTION: the action/ act of sharing something between a group of people or over an area
AGGREGATION: a collection/ group of either varied or distinct things (could further be defined as a collective ‘state’) 275 more words

Distribution and aggregation: its relevance in our world today

It is abundantly clear that the introduction of new media and a digital culture has broken down barriers to many forms of distribution and aggregation. Not only does this apply to stand alone devices such as computers and mobiles as Andrew notes, but also includes how our distribution and aggregation within the social and the public sphere. 475 more words