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Final Essay (Question no. 2)

The most straightforward explanation of publishing is the process of making things public. However, it is often mistakenly interconnected specifically with the printing press, whereas in truth, it covers everything from music to a comment on a website. 2,438 more words


Wow! I can’t believe I am writing my final blog post for the semester, where did the time go? and what have I learnt in the last twelve weeks? 432 more words

Visualisations (week 9) ((very late))

The visualisation of raw data can bring understanding to concepts that may have been difficult to perceive beforehand. By making the “invisible visible” through visual representation of difficult concepts, we are able to more easily disseminate information to a wider audience. 201 more words


Week 11 - Distribution and Aggregation, Exhaling and Inhaling

Web 2.0: a term that has appeared in practically all the Media courses I have done so far and even played a part in the Commerce part of my degree. 631 more words


Culture and Data

Jay Springett has written a blog post entitled ‘Colonising the Clouds’ that analyses the digital ‘stacks’ and compares them to geographical States; the US, Australia, China etc. 688 more words


Blog Eight Week 12: Instrastructural Globalism, assemblage, distribution, culture and data

Infrastructural Globalism as described by Edwards is the ‘social-technical systems that produce knowledge about the world’ (2010, p.xii). Networks consisting of all walks of life, machines, technology, cultures and ideas connect our world. 707 more words


Week 12: BitTorrents and Brownies

For this tutorial I have been asked to present a form of publishing (in 2090 speak, ‘making information public’) in a show-and-tell format. I don’t really have any particular response to this week’s readings, as I find the idea that data exists in a stateless territory somewhat contentious, as I think there’s a little more to state sovereignty than rules within boundaries. 1,134 more words