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Autumn Valley

I made a picture of showing you what Buck’s hometown looks like. In Autumn Valley is a small town and it represents fall. The leaves never turn green. 23 more words



This is Flash from Human Warrior.

Gender: Boy

Species: cheetah

Likes:his invention,lightning, being evil

Dislikes: King Thunder,Buck,Todd, good,water

Personality: evil,greedy,smart

Flash is King Thunder’s ex-helper. He created a suit of armor that was made out of  fire,lightning, and dark. 52 more words


Happy Father's Day 2014

King Heat miss his father King Robin Andy Heatson II. He dead from sickness, he was a good father to King Heat. Happy Father’s Day 2014. 23 more words


Two Kingdoms(Original story) Teaser

This is just a teaser of the new story I’ll be doing. I wish I’ve did this a long time ago,because this represent this blog. When I’m done with WaterBlaze and the Sabre Mountain Lions story, I’ll start doing the story and Human Warrior. 36 more words


Six Kingdoms Flag(100th post)

The queens and kings are holding their flags that represent their kingdom. Happy Memorial Day 2014. This took me almost 5 hours.
Check out my other blog… 10 more words