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The Importance Of Planning Ahead...

Hey Peeps,

If you are following me on Youtube, you would know that i spent some time earlier this month organizing a blog planner. Though i use the term blog loosely as the intention of this planner was to cover all of my social media. 460 more words



Another collaboration with Jayne Dent, Ditte Goard, Charlotte Valletta and myself. We organised and ran a vocal workshop in Newcastle university 09/01/2015. Here are some recordings from the workshop:


I went to Lindisfarne Island 11/01/2015 to participate in a performance of a Requiem composed by Ditte Goard. The Requiem was composed for a shelter created by Sally Madge, which had to be taken down due to damage from a fire. 58 more words


Here are some vocal improvisation pieces that Jayne Dent, Ben Jeans Houghton and myself did in two spaces in Newcastle city centre. (The spaces were the echo chamber in the civic centre and central arcade) (09/01/2015):

Guyanese Style Vegetable Chow Mein

Good evening!

These weekly posts are much more manageable, especially when I’m not in school. After all, this is supposed to be an art blog, and when I’m not in school, I’m not making as much art. 306 more words



Haven’t put anything up for a little while so here are some photos that I took today when I went to Crosby beach with the family:


my new discoveries

Lately I have been very curious about different religions and spiritual followings people believe in and one of the most interesting spiritual belief, to me, is Wicca. 62 more words