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MOONS (Is that the actual plural?) >0<


Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen - a review

The Namiki Falcon was one of those pens that I positively fell in love with after watching this video and this video. Of course, they had professionals and most likely, a right handed writer who wrote absolutely  635 more words


Some pretty pictures from Tumblr

Tumblr is a bundle of joy, I however don’t Tumbl that well. Most of these pics I got from this Tumblr:



The Header

So this is the header for my blog. I live in a small village and when I take my dog for a walk I usually go walking alongside one of our little brooks. 30 more words


Rusty's Real Deal Baseball: I Almost Don't Know What To Feel About This

Imagine you’re playing a video game demo. At least, the game was free and you heard that you have to buy more than the taste that what you downloaded gave you. 803 more words

PEARLS in the Rough pt.I

There’s a whole lot to cover in regards of this collaborative/ creative think-space/thinking on toes/ heart-warming heck of a weekend. But first, for those who could not make it (darn you Coachella and Manny!) let me take you inside the gallery portion of our art show. 127 more words