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Pencil Portraits

So I have a little hobby. It’s not my favourite, I like oil paints better, but I do pencil portraits when I feel like it. Mostly when I find a face really interesting. 23 more words

Artsy Things

15 Minute Practices

There was a presentation at work about apex achievers the other day. One thing that was mentioned was that for someone to become a true expert a huge number of hours of practice is required. 75 more words

Artsy Things

Consistency is Key

I’ve learned that by now the only key to success is consistency. I’ve learned that over time. I am going to make another post about discipline later on but this one is strictly for consistency. 255 more words

Social Science (Sort Of)

I wish I could paint like...

Richard Schmid is my favourite artist. By favourite I mean, I love every single painting he’s done (ones I’ve seen at least) and I want to be him. 107 more words

Artsy Things