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Access denied while loading shaders with lwjgl

So I am slowly developing something that (someday) will be a simple 3D game. Mainly doing for the experience now I recently implemented Shaders but it fails to load them and just says that Access is denied although I’ve rechecked everything in the folder including the folder and file rules. 95 more words


Extending kendoGrid with additional constructor parameter

Following this example I’m trying to write a plugin, or better put: extension, to kendoGrid.
My goal is to equip the kendoGrid with additional construction parameter, say: a callback function named… 66 more words


PowerShell change sequence in binary file

I want to change fragment of binary file from FE to FF:

I was doing it by simple script:

$offset = "232323"
$bytes = ::ReadAllBytes($input_file)
$bytes[$offset]   = 0xFE
::WriteAllBytes($output_file, $bytes)
… 44 more words

How to print all non null elements of an array using Array.toString()

So I need to print out an array of integers. The problem is that when user enters the numbers to be processed and sorted, I do not know how many numbers there will be entered by the user. 90 more words


‘I suggested using fewer colours’ : Polish Cinematographer Artur Zurawski on the making of Mardaani

Polish cinematographer Artur Zurawski, PSC (Polish Society of Cinematographers) talks about his experience on being a non Hindi speaking crew member on the set of his recently released film  936 more words

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GoogleMap crashes randomly while zooming - Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000000 (code=1)

I am using GoogleMap (com.google.android.gms.maps.GoogleMap) in a pretty standard way to draw a route between two points over a GoogleMapFragment. After a few minutes browsing and zooming over the map, the activity containing this fragment crashes. 207 more words


Serve modified files from hard drive to specific applications

I am looking to create a background process that will monitor the files that a specific application opens. If the application opens a file that contains specific text, my background process will modify it and serve the modified data to the application. 63 more words