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Walnut Husk Ink

So today I finally finished the walnut ink I started a couple of weeks ago. A friend gave me 4 fresh walnuts (juglans regia) in their husks. 218 more words


Balloon Bowls

I loved this!!! I have never done paper mache before, I think there will be more in my future. Getting dirty, making a mess, and creating. 106 more words

HOW University

Wrongs that can be right

Another activity from my online class. The instructor talked about how contemporary photos used in advertising often use blurry, overexposed, and poorly framed photos to create a mood. 80 more words

HOW University

It's Physical

Carrying on with the small full-colour monotypes that I did a few days ago. It was hard work being on my feet for hours on end. 171 more words


Wedding Art: Easy Paint Spatter Invitations

I’ve been telling myself that a lot of people who opt for handmade/homemade invitations tear into the design process with the same mixture of admirable optimism and deranged naivety as I did. 250 more words


Going for the Goldsworthy

This was a really fun activity! It is based on Andy Goldsworthy’s documentary Rivers and Tides.

The instructions were: get a camera, go out gather materials, and create a spontaneous piece of art. 60 more words

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More Of The Same

I had a marathon monotype session at Swansea Print Workshop yesterday and produced 4 full colour monotypes and 4 ‘ghost’ monotypes which is a record for me. 180 more words