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The Aftermath!

The day after our epic all-nighter, editioning 12 drypoint plates between three artists, Zaira Ahmad Zaka, Hannah F Lawson and myself. Here’s the studio afterwards – trashed. 185 more words


WIP And Blue

We managed a couple of hours out of the studio yesterday to go to the framers in a marketplace in Islamabad. He’s made a lovely job of the framing for the exhibition, but we still have almost as many works to finish and frame. 310 more words



Having terrible technical problems blogging from the Pindi Printshop this evening. WordPress and Android don’t seem to like each other at the best of times, but throw erratic Internet access into the mix and I’ve just written off the last 2 hours! 103 more words


For Printmaking Geeks

I’m working in a new country in a new print workshop in Rawalpindi, with new materials and equipment and it takes a bit of getting used to. 324 more words


I'm on a bike!

Got myself one of those riding things! Woo!
Since I’m slowly becoming a chubby bugger and I’m seriously sick of the death British workforce on the public transport systems I’ve decided to get myself a bike and with it a new idea for my YouTube channel. 246 more words


Taking my camera for a walk

I was going to do an 80-minute round trip in the car a few weeks ago to visit an Art Gallery. Being a ‘petrol head’ I’m not too sensitive to running up emissions-miles but this did seem a little frivolous and a bit of a waste of time, so I decided to go find some art on the nearby Hill instead ……………… 65 more words

Spring Graffiti in Vienna

Spring is here! No, really this time. How do I know? Graffiti artists are hard at work redecorating the Donaukanal.

And, someone has started a demonstration garden made from pallets. Cool.

Wien Wanders