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open popup from another popup (double popup)

I am using fancybox for single popup now. Working with Mvc 4.5 ASP.Net . Is this possible to get (2nd popup)popup from another (1st popup)popup , also (2nd popup)popup contains form where value is passed and saved … after saved 1st popup should be open not the page main page. 23 more words

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auto search whenever search input is click in datatables asp mvc

This is my datatables jquery and i want to search a data whenever input text is given in search input not when it is selected. 101 more words

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Calling different functions based on type

I want to do something along these lines

template<typename T>
bool FetchVal(T & fetchedData)
   //Get data from some function
   dataAsString = Get();

   // based on type of T call
   fetchedData = ConvertToDouble(dataAsString);
   fetchedData = ConvertToInt(dataAsString); 
   //and so on
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Get installed application details pragmatically for opening a pdf

I am working in an android application and I want all the app details in my android device by which I will be able to open my pdf. 63 more words

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Some time back, almost all magazines and newspapers were flooded with budget related articles. For now, they have been dumped into the archive but to my astonishment, no one cared to think about the impact of budget on the college youth. 451 more words

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How to save json file to an array

I have created a json and save to a file in local disk. But I need to save this json to an array not to a file. 94 more words

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Arun Business Partnership Awards Evening

So, next week on the 20th we will be attending our third awards night of the year and if the others are anything to go by, not only will it be a great event for everyone there, but Regis Removals will be walking home with yet another piece of silverware/glassware. 182 more words

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