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SQL query to remove duplicates based on the modified date

I have a database table with the following columns regularization_dt, modified_dt and account_id. For a particular whenever an account is updated an entry is added in to the table with new modified_dt for the regularization_dt and account_id. 110 more words


Nginx broken after upgrade to osx yosemite

Nginx was working fine on Mavericks, and now after I upgraded to Yosemite its displaying
nginx command not found , I tried to install nginx with… 69 more words


Upload form with image in codeigniter using ajax

I am new in codeigniter and trying to upload a form with file field. I successfully insert the form data without file to database. But it shows below error when I try with the file field… 289 more words


xpages java multithreading NotesContext not initialized error

I am trying to write some Java code which will read a view via threads. I am using Callable instead of Runnable and it works fine if I run it as remote application i.e. 1,961 more words


Cruise control to teamcity migration

I am new to cruise control. I am asked to migrate projects from cruise control to teamcity. I have searched a lot in the Internet, but could not be able to find. 20 more words


best way to call function from an extended class

I am using phpstorm as IDE. And in my class.php, I started the class as

class MyClass extends Database{

the query() is in the class… 75 more words


Python creating directory gives IO error

I extract the directory name from the path which is BounceOM, then i have a filename which is HelloWorld.
I want to create new folder ‘HelloWorld’ in the BounceOM directory. 176 more words