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a beggar and a dog

Beggars, hundreds of beggars lean into the street with outstretched hands. I stop to watch a well-doer offer a biscuit to one skin-and-bones man. These exchanges intrigue me, so I watch. 140 more words

Ready to go Home

Oh, Arunachala!
Untie me from this bond of flesh and bone
Take me into you
Turn me into stone

Enough of the games
I have no strength to play… 47 more words



First the earth had to be prepared, the rice planted in a nursery field and nurtured until robust young seedlings heralded forth with Pachamamma’s superlative expression of self-confidence. 249 more words


Ode to the masters

O Arunachala!
Your name reminds us that all is Grace.
You are the God of the Gods – Shiva.
Driving away fear and attachment to the ephemeral,

94 more words

My tryst with Shiva

I have had a very mysterious connection with Shiva all my life. My staple diet of books early on in my childhood was a series of mythological comic magazines, called “ 3,128 more words

Meeting The Masters

Social Insecurity

This post arises from the yearly onslaught of Operation Road Clearance which heavily impacts the poor who have encroached on Highways Department Property.

Yesterday I walked around the back of the hill just after Highways Department had raged through Chengam Road and the hill-round-roadway. 1,364 more words



All this Hoo-Ha is advertising the fact that the politician son of a famous swamy will visit our local Devi Temple today.

Here we don’t even try to pretend that politics and religion cohabit in one big happy Family. 13 more words