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Following your passion is sexy

Q. What do the following words have in common?

Cold-blooded, assassination, bloodstained, torture, accused, premeditated, critic, grovel, swagger, excitement, lackluster, puking, amazement, arouse and gossip. 536 more words

NYC: A Users Guide

Shakespeare Survives at Santa Cruz

 In 2013, the famed Shakespeare Santa Cruz lost it’s funding and partnership with UC Santa Cruz and needed to close it’s doors. Shakespeare in Santa Cruz, California was gone. 270 more words


MUSC's 'As You Like It': hipster Shakespeare

As Shakespeare goes, As You Like It, that musing, farcical romantic comedy, is a rather astute choice for a student theatre company in 2014. It’s one of Shakespeare’s most modern and youthful scripts – cheeky, piercing and incredibly self-reflexive. 791 more words

As You Like It

Act One, Scene Two

The daffodils are fighting their way up through the ice, and the glacier is finally retreating — I think it may be safe to call it Spring. 762 more words

As You Like It

Pagliacci Paradox

ha! Lead puppet, MIA
if Jacques be right, the characters are badly played
think I’ll cut my strings from king’s pet
for I’m bored at being the usurper’s marionette… 62 more words

A Boyish Fling At Poetry

Sampling Shakespeare

I am part way through a year of sampling the Shakespearean canon. Since August last year, I have been collecting what I can of the plays. 1,109 more words

As You Like It