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Mula Bandha & Birth

Let your inner reptile bite: Yoga Theory for Type A’s of the Childbearing Age

Let your slithering sneak on in, bare those fangs, hiss, howl and roar! 936 more words

3 Points of Focus for Your Yoga Practice

When we go to our first yoga class, we have no idea what to expect. The first couple of months become a blur of figuring out what we are doing, trying to keep up and stay up. 521 more words


Heart Over Head: Practicing Inversions

Inversions are probably one of the most interesting and difficult types of asana that one can practice in yoga. Thinking about inversions may lead you to think of crazy yogis balancing on their head, hands or forearms, bending into poses that you think are unimaginable! 718 more words


25 Problems Only People Who Do Yoga Understand

1. Setting up next to a person with aggressive body odor. Oh, you went to a hot yoga class yesterday and didn’t bother to shower before showing up today? 2,166 more words


Teacher Training, Me? Yes, You!

You may have seen the flyers around the studio – Teacher Training is coming!  Teacher Training is so much more than just learning how to guide students through their practice.  313 more words



– Scorrere giù per la versione in italiano –

Friday, Dec 12 – It’s 4.50 am, the alarm just went off. Today is led class with Rolf. 827 more words

Ashtanga Yoga

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