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Bird of Paradise Tutorial

Bird of Paradise is a fun standing balance pose. It’s quite a big shoulder and hip opener as well. It’s important that you do a full warm-up before attempting Bird of Paradise. 172 more words


Lago de Atitlán Yoga Sess

Uttihitta Hasta Padangusthasana
San Marcos, Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala


Get Twisted!

Yoga Asana (poses) always have benefits beyond the typical ‘get flexible or strong’. Today I’m going to share some of the benefits of twisting poses. There are a wide variety of twisting poses that can be done – some extreme, some gentle – and as with all poses you need to do what is right for you body on any given day. 395 more words



(Q1) What is Yoga?


Yoga is a way of life which helps to control mind and helps in developing your personality.

(Q2)How is Yoga helpful in our day to day life? 1,329 more words


I Suck at Yoga

Yes, it’s true, I’m a terrible yogi. I know, you might see me on that mat and think, is she crazy, her legs are behind her head, or yeah, I want to suck that bad…but it’s still true. 684 more words

Practice: Parivrtta Ashta Chandrasana / Revolved Eight Point Crescent Lunge / Revolved High Lunge

Parivrtta = ‘Revolved’    Ashta = ‘Eight’    Chandra = ‘Moon’    Asana = ‘Posture’

Physically, twists are thought to be ‘detoxifying’ – they help to ‘get things moving’ if you know what I mean … by… 775 more words

Tales of an Ashtangi

I’m sure that those of you who consistently read my blog posts have figured out by now that I am a woman who doesn’t know what she wants. 471 more words