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First Things First

Today is a one universal day. And King Solomon jumped out of the Ascended Masters’ deck to emphasize that you prioritize.

     On one-days usually lots of “firsts” happen for you. 63 more words

BE YourSelf

“Your journey in this lifetime is about BEing yourSelf without fear of being all you are!!”

Lord Siddhartha Buddha

Channeled by Alania Starhawk


Jesus: Open You Heart to Love

It’s always a beautiful message that comes through when the ascended master Jesus appears in a reading. Couple this together with today being a nine universal day and you have a wonderful day ahead of you. 112 more words

Activation of Keys and Codes Within

In its purest form your soul is pure energy and it consists of 12 flames of energy. One part of this energy is forever attached to the Divine Source, while one part stays attached to your planet of origin with a galaxy or star system. 1,243 more words

Soul Purpose

HILARION ~ July 20-27, 2014 ~ Transcribed by Marlene Swetlishoff


July 20-27, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The people of the world are uniting in greater and greater numbers to stand in the streets to let the leaders of the world know that they are no longer willing to be silent witnesses as they watch senseless destruction of the world’s people and their homelands be destroyed. 699 more words


Aliens in Pope Paul VI Hall

There will be “aliens” coming to tell us how to spiritually evolve, as part of the One World Religion. The “aliens” call themselves Ascended Masters, who are demons in reality, and who will help the Antichrist Maitreya. 16 more words

One-World Church

Fran Zepeda - Mother Mary: Open Your Hearts Wider - 15 July, 2014

Mother Mary:

Hello beautiful ones. I am here today through this channel to urge you to open your hearts even wider. Yes, the energies of late have brought even more clearing for you. 955 more words