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Sheldan Nidle Update for October 28, 2014 Wed, October 29, 2014

I couldn’t end this evening without putting up the latest article from Sheldon Nidle, who is a channeller for ET(Sirian)  spiritual beings. Sheldon has a lot of hope for our future…so please read, see what you think, and… 1,233 more words

Karen Dover ~ Birthing the “NEW” through, within and around YOU in TRUTH ~ October 29, 2014

I like the way Karen Dover thinks and writes. The concepts she presents are a little deep sometimes…but they do ring true once I make that deep dive into myself…I hope they do for you as well! 978 more words

6. “I’m over IT.”

 I’m over it! No more campfires and camp-cooking. Apologies to all you out there planning your trip to Ozzie-land to have Outback Tea and Scones with One! 88 more words


Archangel Gabriel - Acceptance ~ October 29, 2014

I love these words. They are a divine explanation of what humans are all about in this time of transition. Please read these words by Archangel Gabriel, take them into your heart, and… 166 more words


Oh…this short piece is so true! Oh yes, there are indeed conspiracy theorists out there, in here, over there involved in a spiritual conspiracy… 501 more words

The heart, the head

Taken from my new page…..



This is a page dedicated to the mental processes, and, learning how to slow them down and bring them into alignment with your true being. 1,088 more words