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Saint Germain - It is Useless to Argue any Point

Volume 3 – Discourse #7


  1. I bring you Greetings from the Great Host of Light who watch attentively the Outpouring of Divine Radiance, whose Great Love, Peace and Light always enfold you, as Messengers of the Light, giving always strict obedience to the Great Light.

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Arch Angels

Ups and Downs

I am going to try giving an overview of the energetic process that is now going on until the winter solstice. Essentially all the strings need to be cut and the new connections in place by the solstice or it will carry over into the coming year. 523 more words

THE PAUSE - 11-28-14

The Pause

From December 1 through December 7, 2014 the Energy will feel as if a “pause” button were being pushed somewhere in the Universe to pause all unnecessary physical activity before the Creator World begins on December 8, 2014. 1,536 more words


Ascension FAQ - AscensionForAll.com

Ascension FAQ

A Few Questions submitted by Readers

by Carla Anderson, Spiritual Channel

What is Ascension?

A conscious choice to remember your essence is that of Divine Creator extending Light in the name of Love. 873 more words


Kauilapele's Blog - GaiaPortal 11-27-14… Barbara’s Interpretation… it’s a “WOW Transmission!”


Here’s Barbara’s “get” on this one. And I’d have to agree with all of it.

Thank you, Barbara, and thank you, GaiaPortal…

As before, Barbara’s comments are in… 150 more words